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Letter to my child on her first day of school

Dear little one,

Yes, your Mumma writes you a lot of letters, and here’s one more to mark the occasion of your first day of school.

I woke up this morning, and you suddenly looked not so little anymore. I know, you still sleep right next to me, last night you woke up, crying bitterly about the sore calves you felt because of the ‘growing up pain’ and this morning you look grown up. A little bit more grown up from your little toddler days. Now you are a preschooler. 

Then you twisted & turned and then smiled and said, ” New School today, Mumma?” And I nodded.

We went to the bathroom, you knew the drill, I saw you brushing your teeth and tried to remember your gummy smile when you had no teeth. You excitedly got dressed in your new uniform. You had your breakfast and you wore your shoes, yourself, though wrong shoes on the wrong foot. I sighed, there, you needed me. I know silly, right?

I must tell you that I am very happy for you, very excited for you and very nervous for me. After all, it is your first day of school! You have got yourself a great School as your first.

You are a smart little girl and you were a Rockstar all through the admission process. You had a few offers for admission and we choose this school for you. We sincerely hope that may this be the correct launch pad of your formal education that’s going to last at least 13 years and many many more should you fall in love with academics, and grow up a scholar like your mom & dad.

School is a wonderful place my little one. It’s not only a place where you receive an education but it’s also a place where you learn independence. This will be the place that will keep you away from your Mom & Dad, few hours, every weekday. It’s the longest you would stay away from your Mom. Here, you will be known by your first name, for what you stand for, your little personality. It’s a place where “You will not be known as our child but we will be known as your parents.”


On this day, as you step into an institution that will change your mind, your outlook, your knowledge base, may be even your accent, I bless you. I pray that you excel in studies, curricular and extracurricular. I pray that if and when you fail, you learn from your failure and you bounce back brighter, smarter & more hopeful of future success. I pray that you get guided by wonderful teachers because they will be your lighthouse because sometimes, you will trust their words over your parents. And I hope that you get beautiful company. You are our only child, but I hope you find and make such great friends in this school, that you don’t miss having a sibling.

You have made us proud parents already, even before you stepped into your school. You are a beautiful child, pure sunshine. You are articulate, you are creative, you are imaginative and you are very loving and kind. We cannot wait to see you bloom and grow up as a well-rounded, educated, good human being. Because, we know what you are capable of, our sweet child.

Stay happy little preschooler
Our Sunshine girl is a Preschooler now

I saw you excitingly get into the gates of your school. You insisted that you want to hold, Daddy & Mummy’s fingers. We held your hands and took you to your classroom. I saw you nervous, you held me tight and asked if I will come inside with you.

I am with you on this journey. A journey that I thought ended 2 decades back, but here I walk on this path with you again. I will be with you as you learn the alphabets and as you progress to learning algebra. I will be breaking my head all over again with you on trigonometry problems and science models. I know our holiday decisions will now be ruled by your school calendar and my schedule of the day will include driving duties to take you to school and other classes and bring you back. It’s a new beginning for us all.

It’s only the first day of school today. I know you will take some time to adjust.  I know there will be some tears, separation anxiety and we both will go through it but I also know that you will do very well in your school life. You have an academic bent of mind, you are smart, you are curious and you have a kind and loving heart. Your teachers will love you and soon you will make many new friends. You will leave my fingers and run to your classroom. You will learn to enjoy your society of little people and have wonderful conversations, games, projects, crafts, and experiences. Slowly, you will get a sense of belonging there. Trust me, I can feel it. I have been there and so Mommy knows it.

I, on the other hand, will be there at the end of school hours every day waiting to give you hug.  I want you to know that I will be all ears to listen about your day, your achievements, glories, and follies. I am sure of your bright future and though I am feeling overwhelmed right now, I am very excited for you and your new beginnings.

Now go on little one.

Explore & Enjoy your first step towards education.

Happy first day of school day to you!

I love you.



Love, Life & the little one
My little one & I

Note to my Readers:

Did you like this article? How did you feel on the first day of your child’s school? Did you cry? I encourage you to write a letter to your child and put it in a memory box. Do share with them when they go for their first day of college. I will do it for sure.

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  1. This is so beautiful and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing with us!

  2. I could really feel every word of it

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thanks hun.

  3. Aww you’re such a sweet mom. Am sure your little one will do great in school having her ever supportive mom by her side. Lovelove <3

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thanks so much

  4. Wishing your little one the best of everything in life!

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thank you Latika

  5. So beautiful and touching. One day she will read it and she will cry her eyes out. So lovely.

  6. Alice L

    This is a beautiful well written letter. A great idea for all moms to do. I hope you and your daughter are adjusting well to the school year.

  7. Alyssa Bouma

    what a sweet letter! she will treasure this. she is precious!

  8. Chelsea Wallace

    This is so sweet! I love the idea of writing letters to your children! They grow up so fast.

  9. The first day of school is as hard on the mom as it is on the little one. I hope you all had a good first day!!

  10. Jamie

    oh, now I’m tearing up, thinking of the day my babies first attend school. It happens too quickly! What a beautiful letter, and tribute to this milestone <3

  11. I remember my first day of school! My favorite part was putting all the outfits out and picking what day I was going to wear what. Obviously the first day and the first Friday had to the best outfits. My other favorite part of the first day of school was the school supplies! All the new pens and pencils! Brings back so many memories.

  12. I love your blog name, by the way! This is also the sweetest letter. Love posts like this!

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thanks so much

  13. Your little girl is adorable. I love how your blog post this week was a letter to your daughter. It will mean so much to her as she gets older.

    1. Love Life And The Little One


  14. Oh my gosh this is the sweetest thing I’ve ever read! This is going to be so special for her to read one day <3

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thanks so much. I hope so

  15. Oh my goodness but this is absolutely sweet and particularly endearing. What a treasure for your little one! Bravo, mom.

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thanks so much

  16. Erinn

    Beautiful love letter to a beautiful little girl. I would have loved to read letters from my mom as I grew up, these will be such cherished memories for her as she gets older.

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      I hope so

  17. Kira

    Beautiful little note to your sweet daughter. I’m sure she will cherish these letters someday. Hope her first day went well!

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      It did. Thanks you

  18. I still have some handwritten letters from my parents and they are absolute treasures. I never regret the time spent journaling and documenting life. 🙂

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      I have a letter from my grandfather. It’s precious for me

  19. EJ

    This is very sweet, I am sure this letter will grow more special to her as the years go by.

  20. Awww. This was so sweet! They really do grow up way too fast. -sniffle-

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      They do. Thanks for stopping by

  21. sarah

    oh my goodness this is so beautiful! Something she can hold onto forever

  22. elizabethweitz

    What an absolute treasure this will be for your daughter to have. It might have made me tear up a little haha. Thank you for sharing!

  23. A beautifully written letter. All the best to your little one on beginning this wonderful journey.

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thank you Zeyna. You are ever so kind.

  24. That’s a really touching and full of good advises letter! And how nice you shared this with the whole world, a personal letter should be done this way definitely.

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thank you so much for your comment and compliments. It is personal, but motherhood and the feelings are universal.

  25. helenevlacho

    Such a beautiful reading and letter! I am sure your little girl will have the best time in her school and the best guidance in her life. Enjoy these precious moments!

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thank you for stopping by.

  26. Good luck to your daughter and bravo to you for writing this letter to her!
    I have such nice memories to my school years, I wish the same to both of you.


    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thank you and I will read your blog too.

  27. This is so sweet! Can’t even imagine my little girl starting school but know it’s not too far away 😫

  28. Jasmin N

    This was so touching it brought me to tears. Oh my goodness, she has got a wonderful mumma 🙂

  29. Aww, so cute and touching letter! I hope your little one appreciates your letters and the effort you’ve put in them. Those words sure are well-written and full of good advice for the little one. 🙂

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thank you so much for your comment and compliments. It is personal, but motherhood and the feelings are universal.

  30. wow, I don’t even have a child and you have me tearing up.
    beautiful words, all the best for your daughter in school.
    I’m sure she will be amazing!

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Aww.. Thank you for stopping by and reading

    2. Love Life And The Little One

      Aww.. Thats the sweetest thing I heard. Thanks

  31. Gopinath

    Awesome blog and lovely letter. All the best for your princesses. Now you will have more ways to explore and please your daughter with different variety of snacks. Also now you will listen to wonderful stories from her. Enjoy. Lovely pics in the blog too. Your daughter is very cute.

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thank you Sir. You are ever so kind.

  32. Hi Meghna,
    You are indeed a proud loving Mom and a wonderful writer. All of us go through such moments in our life but only a few can express the feelings so nicely. Reading your letter is like watching a movie. I wish your little one a bright future, may she learn all the best things from the text books, her parents, society & life to make her not only knowledgeable & wise but also a nice, happy & kind human being.
    All the very best for your entire family.

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      And you are the grandfather. Congratulations to you too.

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