About Me

This blog is the journal of a change I felt within. This blog is the expression of my feelings that my heart weaves after motherhood touched me. This blog is the reflection of my mommy brain. It has happy thoughts, and some very sad ones. It has my achievements and my drawbacks. It even contains the stories I like to tell, the places I visit, the clothes I wear, the makeup I put, the learnings I derive and the experiences I share, so you learn from it.

My page is called, “Love, Life & the little One” because I love my life and my little one equally. Ok, may be my little one a bit more J. Also, because in my blog, you will find articles about Love & Relationships, my lifestyle, my style, aspirations and attitude & of course motherhood and raising my little one.

I am a qualified MBA. I have worked as the head of department of the Human Resources for reputed organizations in India and Oman. I was once nominated as the “Young Achiever” in the Women in Leadership Convention in Asia, not so long back but I left it all behind me, without a second thought during my pregnancy.

My pregnancy, the birth of my child, and now raising her is the most exciting phase of my life. I am finally at a very happy place in my mind. My husband seldom makes any appearances in my blog, but he does gets mentioned every time I write about relationships. My husband is my rock-solid support, my reality check and the love of my life. He makes me feel blessed, every single day.

This blog is dedicated to my treasure, my precious, my little one. I started blogging on her first birthday, just like that and now I have found my passion.

If you are reading this, you have found my address in the universe of world wide web. I hope you stay.

Welcome to Love, Life & the little one. Welcome to my heart.

Love & Hugs.

Yummy Mummy Next Door,

Meghna Dixit




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