open letter on my daughter's third birthday

Happy birthday- Open letter to my 3 years old daughter 

My dear little one,
I love you. Yup, the moment I take your name or think about you which is almost every second moment of every waking hour of every single day in last 156 weeks since You arrived from my womb to my arms, “I love you” is what I feel deep inside me from the bottom of my core. You are turning 3 today. You are now not a baby, not even a toddler but a little girl. A preschooler. But for me, I still feel you as duplicate heartbeat, beating in the rhythm of my heart inside of me. I know you cannot read this open letter yet but one day you will. So here it goes.


Happy birthday little girl

Once you give birth you never really separate from your baby? Do you?? Can the cutting of an umbilical chord cut the unseen chords that unite a mother to her child? You obviously don’t know the answer. Not yet. But may be when and if you will become a mother. Trust me, I heard this from your grandmother too.

So, this is our tradition. I wrote to you a letter on your birthday. So this is your third letter. Oh! How fast you have grown.

Birthday printout
You,  my little one have had a wonderful year growing from 2 to 3. You moved to a new country. You joined a new nursery. You met and stayed with a lot of friends & family who visited us but fell in love with you.

Grandparent's pet little girl
The biggest milestone for you this year is that you finally got used to more people than just me and your dad and that includes your nanny K and your Nana – Nani, who by the grace of God moved to this country soon after us. You are blessed to be staying 20 minutes away from your doting grandparents and their place is now your weekend home.
You have also secured an admission in a reputed school in the city and soon you will be a school going girl. So believe me when I tell you that you are quite a smart cookie for your age. You can write 0,1 and 2 and count till 30 though you insist it’s called ” twenty-ten”. You can recite all 26 alphabets and recognize alphabets till S, you can even spell your name, you know all the shapes, even 3d ones, you are doing 32 pieces jigsaw puzzles, and you love to sing all 150 rhymes that we have in our iTunes Playlist.

Little daughter of mine

But you know what I love the most in you? I love that you don’t color within the lines. I love that you lisp sometimes when you speak and I love that you have no sense of rhythm but you jump & dance. I obviously am proud of all your achievements but it’s your unique quirks & limitations that makes me fall in love with your inane innocence and cuteness.

Miss Threenager
You are extraordinarily ordinary. Your teachers thinks you are an above average child but I think you are as unique, as special and as gifted as every other child because as a mother I know every mom has the best kid in the world and so do I.

You are beautiful. You are bossy. You have diva – like swagger, you are kind, you are cute, you have very strong & vivid memory and fabulous attention span. You are a reader, you are an artist, a singer, an animal lover, a kindered soul, a hugger, a master manipulator & a better drama queen than me.

You ” Miss threenager” are polite enough to say thank you and please at the drop of a hat but saying sorry doesn’t come of sentiments to you. You feel it. But you don’t say it. I am 30 plus and I am still learning the art of saying sorry so I am sure you will learn it too.

Happy birthday to my daughter
You are a Mamma’s girl. Always was and always will be. You and your daddy are like siblings though. You adore him, you totally own him and he is your buddy and partner in crime. But I am your preferred parent and your dad knows it. ( Because I keep rubbing it in too)

You are still too young to take my advice so I won’t give you any but being your mom, I will pray for you.

I pray that may you always remain loving, caring, sensitive & kind. These values are so important, especially in today’s time. The world needs more people like you.

cuteness overload
I pray that may you always remain this inquisitive. I know I do roll my eyes after listening to your ” But why Mumma” the 547th time in a day but I still think being curious is the first step towards being wise. If you seek knowledge, knowledge will find you.
I pray that may you stay healthy and develop a love and respect for food. This is my biggest concern at the moment. You are an obstinate eater who only eats/tastes limited food items. You have no interest in trying anything new when it comes to food. I know I was the same or may be worse when I was your age but I sure as hell hope that you don’t repeat the mistakes I did in my life.

So little one, it’s time to Kickstart the new year of your fascinating, exciting, blessed life. I am sure you will grow up cuter, smarter, and awesome-r and your Dad and I will be proud, prouder & proudest.

family photoshoot
I am grateful that you are my child. I am so excited to be your mother. I have truly hit a jackpot and I promise you, I will do my best to be a good – enough mom to you. Can’t wait to see you grow every single day for the rest of my life.

The world belongs to my daughter
God bless you with long, happy & abundant life where you meet the best of people, visit the best of places and earn & achieve the best this world has to offer. This universe belongs to you.. And you shall have it!

Happy birthday to you.

happy birthday
Yours ( and only yours)



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  2. Jasmin N

    She’ just adorable & sounds like an amazing personality 🙂 hapoy birthday little one!

  3. 3 is a wonderful age, and this is a very lovely letter that I’m sure she will cherish when he grows up!

  4. This is such a precious post! To be cherished for years to come.

  5. Alyssa Bouma

    I just loved reading this. She is absolutely precious and clearly so very loved!

  6. Omigod how cute is she!!!!!!!! Happy birthday to your little one!

  7. Jamie

    A lovely tribute, and tradition- I know she’ll cherish your letters when she’s grown! I create little picture books for them, with their year’s worth of adventure. Love the little things that make family!

  8. April

    This warms my heart ❤️ I love your letter to your daughter and its such a great idea for everyone to do.

  9. This is so sweet. She will love reading this when she is older!

  10. Nichole Meredith

    What a beautiful letter! She will cherish this so much one day!

  11. HeatherLynn

    I love this tradition! Much better than a hallmark card, that’s for sure 😌

  12. sarah

    Goodness she is adorable, I love the lifestyle images!!!

  13. This is such a sweet tradition! I’m sure she will cherish all these letters when she’s older!

  14. Oh my goodness, she is sooo precious! I love that you document so well. I try to remember to take a lot of images of my kids, they grow so fast! Happy birthday!

  15. Happy Birthday to your little princess <3 am pretty sure she will grow up as lovely and smart as her mom! God bless your family!

  16. So sweet to do this for your daughter

  17. Grace

    In the years to come she will love these open letters you have written to her. Continue to document these moments as she won’t be a threenager for ever. Happy Birthday.

  18. This is a beautiful photo journey, and a beautiful open letter to your daughter. You should print out a copy and put it in an envelope for her to one day open (you know how the internet tends to swallow things, even with our best intentions). Congratulations, momma, on having the best little girl in the world. 🙂

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Great idea. I have also emailed it to an email id we made for her when she was born. But yes, will take a print out and out in her baby book.

  19. Aw this is so sweet! Happy birthday to your adorable, inquisitive little girl!

  20. That is such a beautiful idea!!

  21. Happy birthday to your girl! She will love reading over this one day—so beautiful! 🙂

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      I hope so. Thank you

  22. This is so sweet. She will cherish this one day.

  23. makeamomsmile

    She is so cute. You def have a way with words, your posts are always so beautiful! Happy birthday Ms. Beautiful little lady!

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thank you so much for your kind wishes and compliment.

  24. Love the passing of each year with my children. A sweet birthday post marking a special time! Love it

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thank you

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