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Saree – Indian Festive look of the Season

India is a land of culture, tradition, vast history, ancient wisdom and beautiful festivals, rituals, and Saree!! Indian women are known for their curvy body, beautiful black/brown eyes, almond skin, long shiny dark hair, sultry looks and graceful style.

If you follow me on my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you would have seen my love for Indian tradition, Indian food, Indian festivals and of course, Indian wear.  Since It is Pujo Time already and Navratri is currently being celebrated, here is my favorite look for the season.  I call it, Being Sultry in Saree!

In India, Sarees are one of the most favored ensembles. Sarees are full of charm. They can be worn throughout the year and never go out of fashion! Whether you are heading for a parent-teacher meeting or a dinner party, wearing a saree just makes you look more elegant and graceful.


What is Saree?

An unstitched rectangle piece of sheer elegance is how you define a sari. A sari has been considered one of Indian oldest forms of art. A charming folktale explains the origin of the sari as follows:

“The Sari, it is said, was born on the loom of a fanciful weaver. He dreamt of Woman. The shimmer of her tears. The drape of her tumbling hair. The colors of her many moods. The softness of her touch. All these he wove together. He couldn’t stop. He wove for many yards. And when he was done, the story goes, he sat back and smiled and smiled and smiled.”

A sari consists of is 6 yards of fabric which when draped in a manner gives rise to an attire that is complete in every aspect. Sari draping is considered as an art and requires a lot of practice. The experienced person takes about 5 – 10 minutes to drape whereas a first timer can take a lifetime. A sari is such an outfit that adds to the style, attitude and confidence of the wearer. The sari is worn in different styles in various parts of India.

Beautiful saree festive look indian
Purple, Red & golden designer saree in Net

Unfortunately, being an Expat wife, in Dubai, I do not wear enough sarees and I miss having a wardrobe full of exotic designs and beautiful handloom and embroidery and styles of sarees. But whenever I wear them, I feel like going through a spiritual and very self-loving ritual.

The process of cleanly unfolding the long beautiful cloth and then wearing that extra chic, sometimes, uber sexy blouse. Seeing your bosom hugged and loved by the soft fabric of that teeny weeny blouse and then the process of wrapping the saree around. The way your fingers touch the soft fabric and move to make just enough pleats. Then you pin them up, tuck them in your naval and drape it on your upper body sometimes pinned, sometimes covering it loose while your pallu/aanchal hang on your back, touching your hips as you walk.

The way Saree embraces your womanly curves, the way it takes your shape and transforms you into this very beautiful, curvaceous, graceful, dignified, sexy, sultry woman, it feels like magic. Almost like channeling your inner Goddess with the help of an unstitched rectangle piece of cloth. Amazing. Isn’t it?

I love the way saree shows off my waist and the belly button. Leaving some flesh hidden from public eye and shyly showing just a bit of skin. Smooth, titillating, almost blushing. “You may see but you can’t touch :naughty:”


celebrate this diwali in saree


I can admire myself for hours in the mirror after wearing a saree, I try and see if I see a glance of my Mom, who in my opinion is the most beautifully draped woman in Saree forever.

How I love to apply a thick line of Kajal, and some Mascara to make my eyes look perfect, doe-eyes like a quintessential Indian woman. I love to add drama by wearing a blush, a highlighter and of course some Mascara.

You are not sexy yet if your lips are not done. I love bright lips and when I wear saree, I am tempted to wear a stunning lip color too.

Now, this is the thing with dressing up in Indian Ethnic attire. You are bound to add a few accessories to accessorize your look. My favorites are a big round bindi, a stunning, mostly handcrafted earring or jhumkies, with Pearls, precious, semi-precious stones and motifs and of course a bracelet or some colorful bangles.

Here’s the breakdown of my Makeup for the Day and details of my Saree.

makeup blog of dubai
my look of the day

My male friends have confessed that though women may look very sexy in a bikini, a beautiful gown, or a mini dress, an average Indian man loves to see his lady love in a saree. She looks beautiful, graceful, sexy and almost divine like a Goddess, and hence Saree is a common bridal wear for Indian brides. If you are a man reading this, do drop me a comment saying, what attracts you to a woman in saree? And who according to you is that one woman who carries off saree the best!!

And if you are a woman Indian or not, please do buy a beautiful piece of saree. I suggest the following online stores to buy them from. Click on the link below to select & buy a saree I recommend from these online stores, this Diwali!

  1. This Off White color Banarasi Viscose/Net saree from and this beautiful golden blouse to pair with it.
  2. Aishwarya Design Studio, Differentiate yourself as you wear this pink color Bollywood style saree.
  3.– Or how about this attractive Orange Georgette Designer saree having Georgette Pallu with nylon net scut and banarasi fabric blouse.
  4. Fab India .com– I also love this understated, silk matka, maroon silk saree with a matching blouse.
  5. If you want to add the twist of a lehenga, to our good old saree, take a look at this Elegant gold and green net lehenga saree with work on saree and border from

Hope you liked my festive look in a saree and also, my recommendations of a few of my favorite saree of the season. This post contains some affiliate links, and if you click and buy items from souq. com, I may earn a bit of commission. For more details on my affiliate policy, please do read this.

Do check out more lifestyle posts by me here. And do tell me if you liked my saree and my look of the day.

Enjoy the festivities. Stay beautiful!!

Happy Pujo/Navratri/Dusshera & Diwali





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