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Our Family photo shoot of 2017 by Anushri Kumar in Dubai

I have always loved photographs. As a kid, as a teenager, as an adult, I don’t remember a time when I was shy of a camera on my face. I just loved being in the photo! But it’s only when I became a mother, I realized I had developed an even bigger bond with my phone camera than I ever had before. And this time, I was the one taking the pictures and my little one was the star.  I realized that Motherhood for us millennial moms is incomplete without the trillion pictures of our experience of being a mother. Our Muse – our baby.  But, have you noticed that it’s only when you get a professional family photographer into the equation, you get a wholesome album of memories where even you are part of the picture.

Let me elaborate. Most home shoots are one-sided. Your eyes behind the camera. Kids, your spouse or grandparents in front. Most pictures are shaky because kids cannot be tamed and memories are precious but are not showing you the complete picture.

Now, when you call a professional photographer, who knows her camera, who has a pair of eyes, which is artistic, yet objective and when she observes you from her lens and captures you and the essence of your family and deliver it post edit, you see the 20-25 best pictures of your family, which if taken candidly well, speaks volume about your connection with each other.

There are many great photographers out there. Many from degrees in photography, and a lot many with a passion for photography. My own brother is an avid photographer with a filmmaking degree and a passion both and hence, I have learned to appreciate the good picture and spot the not so good ones. (You can see my brother’s work, here.)

Anyway, after my little one was born, my husband and I also started this tradition of having our family pictures taken before the year-end, to capture her growth, and to bid farewell to another fabulous year as a family. Yes, we take zillions of pictures throughout the year, but these professional ones are the perfect showcase of the “Year it Was” for our Family Album.

This year, we chose Anushri Kumar to do our Family Photoshoot. I had seen her work before on her page Cooes & Cuddles Photography, but it’s only after talking to her on the phone, that I developed a love and a connection to trust her with my Family moments. First thing first, I love Moms, who are also professional family photographers. I think they have more patience and an inherent knowledge of what their client (another Mom) would like to see in the pictures. Secondly, I found her passionate, talented, professional, accommodative yet, easy-going. Someone, my husband, and child can bear and listen too. 🙂

Anushri Kumar is a Mechanical engineer turned photographer based in Dubai. A mother of a 5-year-old boy, she is a Child & Family Portraiture Specialist with a unique ability to connect with people to make them feel at home during a professional shoot. Have been doing professional photography for the past 5 years. She also teaches photography through her private workshops and in schools through Canon academy.

This blog is to show you some of my pictures from the photo shoot of 2017 and also to introduce you to the life, opinion, and ideas of a talented,  Newborn, Maternity, Family Photographer- Anushri Kumar.


dubai family photo shoot photographer

Location: Black Castle Beach, Dubai. Photo owned by Love, Life & the little one  Little One’s Hair Bow sponsored by Viva La Bow 


Anushri Kumar from Cooes n Cuddles
Meet Anushri Kumar- The Family Photographer from Dubai

Without much ado, here’s getting directly to my Q & A with her.


  1. Tell us about your journey of becoming a Photographer.


Photography, for me, started as a hobby and changed tracks into my way of Life. Along these years, I became fascinated with capturing the miracle in people, in moments and in Life. Telling a story from within the confines of my viewfinder is an addiction and a very important one for me. I’m an imaginative & fresh photographer with a passion for beautiful portraits. My love for children and appreciation of the innumerable special moments they have in their early years, gave me the inspiration to start Cooes N Cuddles Photography.

Before taking up photography, I was working as a project lead with a heavy engineering company (L&T).



  1. Please tell us a bit about Cooes & Cuddles Photography


Cooes N Cuddles Photography is a one-stop solution for all your Child & Family portraiture needs. Be it maternity, a newly born, a birthday, or a special occasion

Cooes N Cuddles Photography is here to capture the Magic, now & forever… 


  1. Describe your photography style. What invaluable lessons have you learned that helped you develop your distinct style?

My photography style is mostly candid portraiture with a focus on Children. 

The idea is to capture the uniqueness of every child in a different way and bring forward the beauty of the relationships they share with family & friends.

  • The key is to Let the Clients be, especially Children and let them lead the session
  • Give people space and even the introverts turn extroverts by the end of the session once they feel assured/ comforted.


  1. What is your favorite photography genre to photograph (newborn, maternity, family, weddings etc.)?

Child Photography –I feel that every child poses a different kind of challenge for a photographer and overcoming those challenges makes me a better photographer, one clicks at a time.

child photography by dubai photographer
How cute & candid
  1. What’s in your Camera Bag?

  • Canon 5D Mk 4, Canon 6D
  • Lenses – Canon 50mm f1.8, 28mm f2.8, 24-105mm f4
  • Flash Canon 430 exII
  • Tripod, Reflectors
  • Props, toys, mat, chocolates
  1. Natural available light or studio lighting? Studio or on location sessions?

  • Natural Light / On Location (outdoors)

family photoshoot by dubai photographer

  1. You are also a Photography Instructor. What courses are you teaching and what can attendants expect from your classes?

  • Basic Photography

How to start using a DSLR with ease and get creative with your camera.

  • Clicking Children

Learn to get better day-to-day pictures of your children by applying some basic rules of photography/composition/light.

  • Magic of Photography for Children

Inculcating the fundamentals of photography & Composition in children

  • Advance photography sessions:

Learn Shooting in full manual mode, Panning, light painting, Metering, using Flash, histograms, long exposures, Advanced composition techniques


  1. Do you have any quick tips for us Moms who click dozens of pictures of our kids every day?


  • Have tons of patience
  • Be ready always, you never know what they have in store next.
  • Get down to their level.
  • Go crazy with them!
  • Clear the clutter in your frame
  • Click less & enjoy more!
Family Photo shoot with toddler
My Little one & I
  1. What would you say to the moms who are preparing for an end of year festive photo shoot with their families? Any suggestions?

  • As far as possible do it at home. It becomes more personal.
  • Don’t over prepare
  • Plan together as a family
  • Have lots of fun
  • Contact me J
  1. What is your favorite photo you have taken and why?

There are many. But this is a special one.

Newborn Photo shoot
Anushri’s Favorite Picture

I hope you liked knowing about this fab photographer based in Dubai. Because she is very kind, she has offered the readers of this page and the viewers of my social media account an exclusive offer.. HURRAY!!

100 AED off for the first 3 bookings for Family/Child Portraiture sessions, from Love Life Little one followers.

You can use my code, LLL100 to avail the same.

**(Offer valid up to 15 Feb 2018)


You may reach Cooes n Cuddles to see their work and make a booking through the following links:



Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year.

Go ahead, capture your memories on a Camera now!


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  2. She did such a wonderful job! Loved learning more about what she does!

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thank you

  3. I love the idea of having family pictures taken at the same time every year. If I was located near Dubai, I would definitely take advantage of the photography offer!

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Yes, it gives you continuity of sorts to see your family grow each year in pictures.

    2. Love Life And The Little One

      Thanks so much

  4. elizabethuchealor

    Love the Camera you are using, I am hoping to buy one soon.

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  5. I have always had a passion for photography as well. It’s such an unmeasurable art. Your shots are so beautiful and your family is too! Definitely taking notes☺️

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  6. I agree! It’s so important to have parents in the pictures, too! These are beautiful!

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  7. sunil chawla

    Anushri is an amazing lady, in person and an equally amazing person behind the lens. I am an avid fan of photos shot by her. She is blessed with a lovely family in Rahul and her bundle of joy, Adrit. A well crafted interview. My compliments.
    Col Sunil Chawla

  8. Thank you Meghna!

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