Silent Night Please 

Christmas fair.. Check 

Christmas cookies.. Check 

Christmas carols.. Check 

Xmas Tree.. Check 

Gift wrap.. Check 

Mulled wine.. Check 

Santa’s Grotto.. Check 

Secret Santa.. Check 

Christmas playdate..Check 

Christmas baking.. Check 

Friends & Festivities.. Check 

Gifts opening.. Check 

Party! Joy!! Fun!!!.. Check 

And now Christmas is almost over in my time zone and the countdown for new year begins

At a time when everyone is overdosing on everything Christmassy, excitement over 2017, I am starting to feel very very fatigued by this whole joy and Cheer part of Holiday Season.

Watching the world from my window

No, I am not depressed or suffer from lethargy in general, I am just not into anything fun at all at this point. I am tired. My cheeks hurt. My legs ache and my ears yearn for some white noise. 

It’s may be my introvert inside rebelling against my extrovert exterior or it may be feels kind of like eating too much of that chocolate cake you love and then feeling bloated and uncomfortable after it. Too much of a good thing you know.

My body and mind is craving some quiet time. I want to sit alone, watching the world from my window. I want to quietly read a book. I don’t even want my little one around for like few hours ( there, I said it!) 

I want zero festivity & massive piece of peace. 

I want silent night


  1. Sam

    I can completely relate. This time of year is so crazy and we are usually constantly surrounded by people and things to do. Some solitude will be nice:)

  2. I can relate! After an awesome but busy weekend, I\’m ready for quiet time and a nap

  3. YES! I\’m right there with you. The holidays can really take a lot out of you. Hopefully you can get some time to recuperate over the next couple of days. I know I\’m going to try—the operative word being try.

  4. Oh I can relate, I love a moment of silence. It doesn\’t happen very often though.

  5. Agreed…trying to embrace NO PLANS this week :)!

  6. I relate to this in more ways then you know. This Christmas season wore me out! I\’m glad to know I am not alone.

  7. Jenni Petrey

    I can definitely relate, am also ready for a few days of rest.

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