Yummy Mummy Series- The Weekend Brunch (Mommy version)

As we are inching towards the weekend, a lot of us are also active on whats-app, making weekend plans for brunch, movie, play date, dinner or just coffee/wine & hang out with our friends and family.
We moms get busier on the weekends. Isn’t it? Stepping out for a brunch or lunch is never a relaxed, ‘putting up the makeup while listening to music’ process. It’s chaos, multitasking at its best. It’s an achievement if we get out on time with proper makeup on and dressed up with no stains or broken buttons.
The illustration made by Pavi illustrates
I will tell you how I get ready.
Here’s my step by step guide to tell you that this effortless look takes a lot of effort:- 
1. Get my daughter’s clothes out
2. Run after her to put parts of her outfit on her
3. Do my hair while in my bathrobe
4. Take her to the toilet because it’s inevitable. Her poop timing is amazing!
5. Comment on what my husband comes out wearing and mostly get him to change his shirt, or pants or both
6. Run after my little one again to put the clothes on, again!
7. Delegate dressing my little one to my husband
8. Stand in front of the mirror and put sunscreen, BB cream & yell at the wrestling daddy – daughter to get to business
9. Wear the outfit that I didn’t pick up to wear. It has to be ( almost always) the 3rd or 4th pick from my wardrobe
10. Apply eye-makeup while my daughter fidgets with my dressing table drawers.
11. Direct husband who is opening every drawer in the kitchen to find apple squeezy to pack in my little one’s diaper bag
12. Apply blush & lipstick while she begs me to put her lip balm on her lips the 36th time
13. Make her hair and do a very shoddy job of it
14. Wear my earrings, perfume, watch if I remember
15. Put the shoes on ” her majesty” while listening to her constant chatter about all the colors on my dress and some Elsa and Anna thrown in.
Now you see, how difficult it is for us Moms to get decked up for brunch? I bet you are nodding your head now.
Anyway, here’s my look for a weekend brunch.
 I wore this beautiful dress by Debenhams Middle East. Here’s my makeup breakdown


Check out some more photos from the day:


Hope you like the look, the dress, and my makeup products break down.

I may not look like a model out on brunch because I am this regular Mom next door, who loves good clothes, is obsessed with good shoes, can dabble with a bit of makeup, and love to step out with my little one in style. And I am telling you, it’s worth it!

And here’s a little extra for you all. I love watches and if you love them too, do check out this article on How to Choose a watch by Jen Reviews. Just click here.

Do leave your comments and request for other looks and I will be happy to put it up for you.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way to any brands that I mentioned in this article. I recommend them out of my personal choice and experience.


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  2. This look is effortless and sophisticated, which are the two words I associate with brunch haha. And those shades…ah-mazing.

  3. #5 made me laugh out loud! I have the same problem with my husband haha, but then again, I think most wives do. 😉

    1. Yeah.. I am his personal shopper & stylist.

  4. Love the colors on that dress and am super envious of those shades. Thanks for posting the link to those – may have to pick some up myself! I can never seem to get myself this together without a ton of help with our little one.

    1. Hahaha.. It\’s challenging for sure with little ones around

  5. You look gorgeous! You are so right, leaving the house is never a simple task when you have a little one. 😄

    1. Oh yes! Now I think there was no reason to show up late anywhere before kids

  6. The getting ready part made me laugh because I have to chase my son to get him dressed also. Twenty minutes later and I\’m still trying to get him dressed. I love your look so all and all the huge effort was a great success.

  7. Growing up zee

    Love your natural look! I love the naked palette too!

    1. Yes, I have both the naked and they are awesome

  8. I think I\’m glad i have boys. It\’s still an effort to get them ready, but it more like \”no you can\’t go out in just underwear even though it\’s batman underwear!\”

  9. Michelle from The Best Home Life

    I can totally relate to your process of getting ready lol.
    You did a terrific job in the end though and are rocking being an awesome mommy!

  10. you look awesome and loved reading your steps as you go through the routine to look as pretty as you do
    come see us at

    1. Will do. Thanks for your compliment

  11. Love everything about this look!!

  12. OStruck

    The dress is bright. I would have worn it as a formal wear to office too.

    1. Yes. You can. Pretty versatile

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