Oh it’s Valentine’s Day. Big Deal??!!

Noticed that every second feed on your Facebook wall, every second advertisement on TV and every second article in your Newspaper today is about Valentine’s Day. I am sure Saint Valentine’s must be doing an emphatic face-palm up in the heaven with the kind of marketing and commercial attention a day on his name gathers in today’s world.

I am a romantic. I am as silly still in my 30s as I was when I was 13 when it comes to expressions of romance. I am not allergic to heart shaped balloon and “I love you”key chain no matter how cliché it gets.  Hell, I even wrote a blog some days back about valentine’s day gift ideas for those who celebrate and believe in buying presents for their valentine, but what I am allergic to is this crazy propaganda of romance. This rush to look and feel like the biggest “Juliet” married to the biggest ” Romeo” on earth. This madness to outdo your last couple selfie with a better pout and more realistic kisses in the frame, with the perfect ambiance and of course, champagne & heart shape red velvet cake in company.

It doesn’t matter if you and your husband are not seeing eye to eye on anything lately, it doesn’t matter that your wife is the biggest nagger or your husband is an overgrown boy who won’t help you in any daily chore.. But since it’s valentine’s day, you MUST give each other gifts and pose for the photograph and eat red/ pink cupcakes and chocolate together. Why??

Love is like breathing air. We don’t have to complicate it and breathe air from the gold plated cylinder and click picture of the same and post it on every social media channel we are part of. We don’t have to profess our love or make good of a nasty situation because we are on a time line. 14th February is here, just like 13th February was and 15th February will be. If you really love your spouse, you can pick any day to gift him/ her a part of you. Things money can buy or experience that you created yourself. Love is and should not be dependent on the solo shoulder of valentine’s day.

My point is, if you and your partner are in love, it will show in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and Facebook wall 365 days a year. If your marriage has hit a troubled spot lately due to transitioning into parenthood, it’s OK to have differences and it takes work to rebuild the companionship that you once shared. Valentine’s day is a good day to show your love, but so are 364 other days of the year.

Fall in love with yourself first. Stop keeping a knife on your throat at all the time to behave, act, and showcase your actions to the world to follow the crowd or lines in the hallmark card.

Love your partner because it’s what your cells are asking you to do, not because it’s 14th of February. Do not let the pressure of having the most romantic day in the calendar ( because the hotel/ newspaper / and mall management says so) ruin the gentle love that day could hold. Go with the flow. Day, date and gifts can wait. The day you wanna pamper yourself and the love of your life, is a Valentine’s Day.

If you are not feeling like getting out of your pajamas, and wear a sexy outfit with red lipstick, because that’s what you must do on the valentine’s day, then please don’t give in. Enjoy your pantless, bra less day, eat leftover and cuddle with your spouse when the baby goes to sleep. This will not make for a pretty display pic on instagram but it will sure make a pretty loving time between you two.

Don’t be pressured to buy overrated and over expensive red roses, because that’s what the wife wants. Come home early, and offer to fold the laundry, or do the dishes, your wife will be ecstatic.

Point Is, it’s OK to not feel romantic on the 14th of Feb. It’s OK to come home to your partner minus flowers or jewelry and still receive a kiss and a smile. It’s OK to even have a tiff with your partner over something silly which you won’t remember next week, on 14th of Feb. It’s just another day of the year..

What matters is how much love you put in your relationship on a daily basis. On every single day of every single month of the year. What’s important is how much you love yourself, how secure are you in your life and in your heart to not depend on the facade and drama around you. What matters is the reason you want to celebrate or not celebrate a day poised as ” the day” to show love. Are you doing it because that’s what is expected of you or because that’s what come naturally to you..” Because love is like your beating heart. It beats. Regardless. Everyday. Valentine ‘s day or not. Till it stops. “

In love with my & always


  1. Valentine\’s is definitely been one of those overhyped and fabricated holidays for sure. Love your realistic outlook! 🙂

  2. Jacqui Woods

    I feel like Valentine\’s day is only overrated if you let it be. It\’s like any other holiday really. If you let outside influences control your decision making then yea, it\’s going to feel pushed on you. I also think it\’s nice when you become a parent especially to have a day that is dedicated to being a couple. It is easy to slip into \”Mom\” and \”Dad\” mode and for me Valentine\’s Day is not so bad. That doesn\’t mean I rush out and buy crap it\’s the non-store bought part that I enjoy.

    1. I understand. What irks me is the pressure to act the cliché, a day should not define what you feel or how you act just to observe that day. And that applies to all holidays.

  3. Yeah, I totally agree with you! I love Valentines fun and hearts and crafts and everything, but I think it\’s silly we have a singular \”I love you day\” when that should be every day of the year. 🙂

  4. I\’ve never been a fan of Valentine\’s Day. My husband and I don\’t celebrate it. However, I am excited to celebrate with my daughter. She is 3 this year and it\’s her first one with understanding. I\’ll take any excuse to shower her with extra kisses!

    Chelsea ||

    1. I know what you mean especially because I just celebrated my first valentine with my little one.. This was a good change from the norm

  5. tinawilsonnadler

    We don\’t go over the top about Valentine\’s Day around here. We don\’t ignore it, but our anniversary is 4 days later and we know that\’s the day to celebrate our love. Along with every other day!

    1. Wow! So valentine\’s day is like the appetizers for you guys. Happy Anniversary in advance

  6. I really enjoyed reading your very realistic view of love and Valentines day. Love should be shown every day of the year, not just on the day the calendar tells you to!

    1. Thanks. More than calendar, my problem is with the overzealous marketing team selling us holidays and the gifts that goes with it

  7. I feel the same way about this commercial \”holiday\”!

    1. Hahaha.. We are in the same boat then

  8. OStruck

    Talking to the other school of thoughts\’ group about #valentinesday. Nice

    1. The company i keep these days 😄

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