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Megz Review

Megz Review: Avocado Art on Toast at Skye & Walker Café at Marriot, Dubai Creek

Watching culinary based TV shows is my favorite pass time and eating Avocado in any form is my favorite thing to do. When I heard about Skye & Walker hosting an incredible Avocado Art on Toast Festival, I found myself salivating and hungry with excitement. I consider myself lucky that I got an opportunity to meet Chef Hari Budhathoki of Skye & Walker at the Marriott Executive Apartments, Dubai Creek.


About Skye and Walker’s Avocado Toasts:

These Avocado toasts are its fastest selling menu item and now Chef Hari will serve it with heart-shaped carved avocado pieces drizzled with cracked black pepper and sea salt. His creations also include an avocado carved like a rose; thin avocado shavings are delicately carved and placed in a swirl to resemble a rose, which is then garnished with rosemary sprigs, water cress leaves, cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar. “The world of food has limitless possibilities where a simple avocado can be transformed into a beautiful piece of art.


 “I found my avocado art creations the perfect way to showcase my passion for healthy and nutritious food that we at Skye and Walker create”, says Chef Hari.


Skye and Walker has always been an advocate of the humble and nutritious avocado; so much so, that it has not one, not two, but three versions of the famed Avocado Toast on its menu – one where the 7-grain bread and smashed avocado are topped with curry spices, sea salt, chili flakes and arugula; another where the topping includes smoked salmon, red onion, shaved radish and dill; and the third avocado toast where the toppings feature poached egg, sundried tomato, feta and baby cress leaves.

review of avocado on toast at skye & walker

My experience at Skye & Walker Café at the Marriott Executive Apartments

I arrived at the restaurant on a Wednesday morning at 11:00 am. I was greeted by a smiling waitress, and when I mentioned, that I am invited by the Chef Hari himself, I was escorted to a beautiful corner table, with the library like details on the wall, like a Royalty.

I found Skye & Walker‘s, a cute, cozy and simple café where you can hang out with your family and friends at breakfast, have a working lunch with colleagues or have a meet up with people for some quick healthy snacks and conversation. I could see that the Skye & Walker adheres to its sustainability ethos even in its interiors featuring reclaimed, recycled & eco-friendly materials. The natural materials used in flooring, furniture & decor reflects their locally sourced eats. I liked the simplistic ambiance and at that time of the day, the place was almost empty barring 2 or 3 people, presumably the hotel guests, who were having a late breakfast.

Chef Hari at Skye & walker
With Chef Hari

I then met Chef Hari. He is the man behind the Avocado Art theme and preparation. I found him very simple, very passionate and a man who genuinely believes in serving a high nutrition food made with fresh, organic and local ingredients. I am a fan of Think Global and use Local mentality and hence meeting a Chef who believed in the same made me connect instantly.

Chef informed me that he will make some of his favorite Avocado on toast for me, right in front of me. There will be no secret ingredient, just pure love on the platter for me and my readers and it happened, just the way he promised.

I was first served a Kale, Avocado and Banana Smoothie. I loved it but I had to stop myself from gulping it down because I needed more space for the Avocado on Toast with Poached Egg, Kale Chips, Avocado Salad and two different kinds of Avocado Art that followed later.

Avocado smoothie health food
Amazing Kale & Avocado Smoothie

Sharing with you a brief interview with the Chef and pictures of the amazing food I ate at Skye & Walker’s.


 Interview with Chef Hari Budhathoki:

1. Tell us a little about yourself & your journey so far.

My name is Hari Sharan Budhathoki. I am from Nepal.  I am working for about 20 years in the culinary field. I have been an Executive Chef at Skye & Walker for four years now

2. What is the specialty of Skye & Walker when it comes to food?

Skye and Walker, is an urban sustainable neighborhood eatery for Globetrotters & savvy foodies, serving healthy dishes made from locally sourced ingredients, based in the heart of the “old” Dubai.

3. How did you get the idea of Avocado as the hero of your dish?

I have always been an advocate of the humble and nutritious avocado. Since we create guilt free nutritious dishes including vegan, raw & gluten free choices, the popular avocado toast had to feature on our menu. It’s an extremely healthy fruit which has so many fans globally.

Avocado art on toast carving dubai
Avocado Hearts

4. How do you think your cooking style evolved over years?


I have focused more on making tasty yet healthy dishes – diners today are becoming more health conscious and have become more aware of their eating choices as well as think about where the ingredients are sourced from. So, my cooking caters to that discerning diner.


5. What is your view on healthy eating?

Food is medicine, so you will lead a healthy life if you eat healthily and include organic choices into your daily diet.

Avocado rose crafting
Avocado Rose

6. Tell us a simple healthy tiffin recipe for Moms, since we are very close to the school start date.

Baked or grilled fresh market vegetables wrapped with homemade thin buckwheat bread. It’s simple to make, very healthy, can be eaten on the go and can be stored at room temperature for a longer duration than other dishes.


7. What advice would you offer to up and coming chefs and/or a lot of momtrepreneurs who wish to cook/bake professionally?

If you cook food with love, your guests can sense it and will love it too!

The Skye & Walker culinary team
The Skye & Walker culinary team

8. Who is your favorite chef in the world and what would you like to learn from him/her?

My favorite chef is Gordon Ramsay; I love his quest for perfection with every dish and also the command he has in his kitchen.


9. Do you like Dubai? How would you describe the food scene in Dubai, in general?

I love Dubai! This is the best place to experience unique dining concepts and the variety in the culinary scene is simply unparalleled.


10. Can you tell us about any other plans you’ve got in the pipeline?

After our Avocado Art on Toast promotion, we will be launching our special Skye & Walker version of Freak Shakes… we can’t yet reveal more healthy secrets; stay tuned to find out more!


 About Marriott Executive Apartments Dubai Creek

The Marriott Executive Apartments Dubai Creek provides business travelers with an ideal setting for long stays during their relocation to Dubai, UAE. They offer a magnificent location overlooking downtown and the serene Dubai Creek, just five minutes from Dubai International Airport. The residence Skye & Walker Cafe is open for all-day dining, and many excellent dining options available within walking distance.


For reservations, please contact: +971 4 213 1221. For more information on Skye & Walker, please visit

Skye and Walker, Rigga Al Buteen Street, Marriott Executive Apartments Dubai Creek, Deira, Dubai

Food blog review of avocado toast

Hope you enjoyed Megz Review of this wonderful place in the heart of Old Dubai. Do not forget to watch videos of this experience that I had on my Facebook page and do sign up to my Instagram to know what I am up to, live, through my Insta stories.

I quite liked Skye & Walker as you can tell.  I was treated with utmost respect, fed with utmost love and served with pleasure. I am definitely going to this place again to eat my favorite Avocadoes and to meet Chef Hari & his wonderful team. I suggest you go and check it out too!

















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