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Dear Zindagi, I love you.

A girl who is beautiful, supported by parents who have villa(s) in Goa and who seemingly dotes on her. She is talented and doing very well in a profession of her choice , which is a male dominated domain. She is appreciated for her work and she is flowing and growing in her career.

Her friends are rock solid and even her housemaid, works for her, cares for her and even says, ‘I love you’ to her. Since she is so beautiful, talented & charming, she also has 3 men , and mind you very good looking, good men , professionally settled and all , wooing her.  Then what’s the plot you ask?

This girl should be giddy with happiness. Bathing in Lux gold and dancing around the trees with any of those Greek Gods in human form who love her. But she is breaking, withering, disintegrating inside. She is disturbed by her own demons. She is feeling lost. She wants to be happy but she doesn’t know how. She is losing love as soon as it arrives. She may even lose her ‘dream gig’ if she doesn’t get her heart & brain in order. It’s an absolutely magnificent, vast, wonderfully engineered Titanic hitting the iceberg. Bam-Boom-Whoosh!


Enters a life coach. A charming man with wits. He listens. He speaks sense in few words. He understands. Why do women have to pay for this? Shouldn’t this be freely available like oxygen? An easy to eye, charming man, with wit & humor, and a listening ear.. Just what women wants.. Sigh!

Anyway, so this man is a thorough professional with a personal touch. He brings her face to face with her demons. He shows her that people make mistakes. That our present is burdened by the baggage of our past, but we can save our future from carrying this shit load of fear. That we are on the driving wheel of our ship and we can save our Titanic from sinking. We choose. We live. Our life and it’s not perfect and that’s ok. Empowering isn’t it?

So she learns to choose her chair well. She learns to forgive. She learns to hug the trees and sing and create her own happiness. She learns to love her zindagi (life), for what it brings. In the process, she falls in love with her coach, just like we get used to Benadryl after 15 days of severe coughing. But we have to eventually remove the cough syrup from her bed side, no matter how addicted to the comfort of it we get. And that’s what she does, because the Benadryl tells her that.

I left the theater, with bitter sweet memories of my own, that resurfaced watching this film. And that means, this film connected somewhere deep in my core. I was touched. I was entertained and I was away from the world, when I was in the theatre with the film. That means the movie achieved one sincere audience in me.


Lots of love to Gauri Shinde the director for telling this story, the way she did. Yes, it could have been crisp, and yes some scenes were too good for cynical mind but I enjoyed the experience of sitting through her storytelling. More power to her.

My ovaries hurt when I see Alia Bhatt. I want to adopt her. This film is hers. She is this film. She is bigger than the story, the scenes, the dialogues and even the SRK makes for her supporting props. I am so happy to see a Bollywood heroine, doing Bollywood films, so effortlessly. Even the most dramatic scenes look subtle. Even the 18 pages long dialogues, come out from her mouth and flow as naturally as her tear drops. She is Awww.. Omg… & Wow!

Shahrukh Khan is the shrink I want to go to, and I am sure a million other women after this film will google the best ‘psychologist’ of their town. (Achche din for shrinks!) He is the Jug, I want on my dining table. Classy, Real & pure gold. Sir, please do more roles like this, please produce more films like these and you will truly be that King, people call you.

Must mention that all the other actors like Alia’s boyfriends in the movie, her friends and her parents & family were bang on. Great casting. New faces and new talent hits the screen and make this film a beautiful experience on the celluloid.

I give this film my love and I really hope people watch it. Watch it for Alia. Watch it to remember to love your zindagi. Watch it to know that you can ‘repair’ yourself and ‘recycle’ your feelings.

I am glad, I did.











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