19 reasons to say ” I love you” to my toddler 

Love is every cell of your body screaming an #iloveyou when you see, smell, think, hear of the person you love. Love is also receiving love. When you say you love someone, you expand the quota of love in your heart just a little bit more. Also, when a person hears you say that you love her/ him, then they can’t help but feel that love engulf their soul. It’s automatic. It just happens.

I love you ” are not words. They are magic. When you mean it and say it, you create magic in that moment. You feel it. You share it. And you make this world a tiny bit better place in that very moment.

My daughter turned 19 months old today and there has not been a single day that has gone past, from the day I realized that I was pregnant, when I have not said, ” I love you” to her aloud.

I love her so much that it’s impossible to hold it back in my throat.

So I thought of jotting down 19 reasons why I say ” I love you” to her atleast once every day.

1. She is a piece of God for me. :- She is a baby. Devoid of corruption at any level. She is as divine as they come. Situations and circumstances have not yet made her a human. So when I look at her, I see my favorite God smiling back at me.

2. She is beautiful :- Agreed, she is my child and obviously she will look beautiful to me. But i find her beautiful inside out. She is a wonderful soul.

3. I feel blessed :- I say I love her out of gratitude. She choose me as her mother. She is my partner in this journey of us mother and daughter. I feel blessed for receiving this honor by the universe.

4. She is so tiny :- I know she is no where as tiny as she was when she first came in my arms, but she is still so small. I feel so responsible for her that I can’t help and love her more.

5. Compassion :- Child that loves and knows that she is loved will grow more compassionate. Love will literally be the food that will feed her soul and that’s what she will emanate to the world around her.

6. Hope :- There are good days and then there are not so good days. So even when an utterly cranky day ends, I look at her sleeping face and ” hope”, that tomorrow will be a better day.

7. Forgiveness :- Even when she tests my patience and disobey my commands, she hears an I love you from me at bed time. She will know, that when you love someone, you forgive them at the end of the day.

8. Trust :- A simple ” I love you” also mean that she can trust me. I will stand by her, because I love her.

9. It takes away the fear :- A simple ” I love you” has the power to ward off the bully monster and kiss away the pains.

10. It produces Joy – Try not to feel joy when someone tell you that you are loved. Imagine a child raised on this constant feel of joy in her heart

11. It motivates her to behave well :- When you are loved, you want to be loved. You do things to be a better person because someone out their has faith in you.

12. Courage :- When my little one was trying to do a somersault, she got into the position and I said I love you, she displayed instant courage and rolled over. It’s so organic and yet so underrated.

13. She knows I am her cheerleader :- Won’t it be nice if a child grows up knowing that her Mom is her biggest Fan. That her peers may call her fat, dumb or ugly to bully her but her Mom knows best and she will always love her and find her extraordinary.

14. Precious :- She will grow up knowing she is precious to her parents. I hope that will instill in her values to take more care of herself. Whether it is exercise, diet or abstaining from drugs and other abuses.

15. A sense of belonging :- My ” I love you” will help her grow knowing that she belongs here. That she may fly wherever life takes her but her home is right here, in my heart.

16. Expression of love :- She will grow up knowing that loving is not enough, expressing your love is important too. There is never a wrong moment to care for someone you love. And there is always a scope to let the person you love know that she is loved.

17. Help her grow :- Scientists have proved that if you talk positively to your plants, they grow green and strong, faster than a plant left unattended. Children grow better in an environment of love and care. Commonsense. Isn’t it?

18. Respect :- I love her and I respect her even though she is a toddler. I hope this instill in her respect towards her parents and others who love her. Respect and love go hand in hand. One cannot survive without other for long.

19. Forever & Ever :- Probably the most important reason why I say ” I love you” to her is because I will always love her. In my presence or even when I am long gone to the other side. I am her mother and my feelings may change for the world, my memory may fade, but my love for my child will never ever reduce. It will persist forever and ever.

Happy 19 months my darling. Grow up well and make your world a happy place.
I love you.



  1. This is very sweet

  2. My Daily She

    I love this so much!

  3. Sagar

    There are valid reasons to say \” I Love You\” and no reason to love …..
    Yes, absolutely no reasons, it comes from within, cannot be created, cannot be destroyed. Love, the greatest feeling and the only reason for existance of this universe .

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