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To Fast or Not ? My dilemma this Karwachauth

Karwachauth,  the Indian equivalent of Valentines Day,  especially in the Northern part of India. Of course, with a traditional twist. Here, women keep a fast from sunrise to moon rise to pray for the long life of their husbands. In return, the husbands showers them with jewelry and gifts and if you are married to a modern-day romantic husband (cue- …

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Pregnant & Proud 

You know when I thought I looked my prettiest best??  Not on my 16th birthday.  Not even on my wedding day Not even in my thinnest, sexist avatar I looked and felt most beautiful, when my tummy was popping out of my body, my walk was that of a penguin and my face had the pregnancy glow even though with …

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Dubai Lifestyle

Dear Zindagi, I love you.

A girl who is beautiful, supported by parents who have villa(s) in Goa and who seemingly dotes on her. She is talented and doing very well in a profession of her choice , which is a male dominated domain. She is appreciated for her work and she is flowing and growing in her career. Her friends are rock solid and …

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