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Last minute shopping for Christmas with Kidore and the Festive Blog Hop

Tennnnn mooooore days! Finished your Christmas & holiday shopping months ago and lookin’ kinda supercilious, are you? Well, this blog post isn’t for you.

It is for Moms like me, who are a few days away from Christmas and have not yet shopped for the gifts for her kids and their friends. If you are a last-minute mommy shopper like me, looking for perfect gifts for your kids, then this article is for you. Read on!

So, you promised yourself: this year it would be different. This would be the year that you got all your Christmas shopping done early, the year you wouldn’t wait until the very last second to buy gifts for your family, friends and loved ones. Sure, putting off Christmas shopping was what you did last year. And the year before that. And the decade before that. But this year, no. This year, things were going to be different.


Now here you sit, counting days to Christmas, looking at the Instagram pictures of perfect gifts, under the perfect tree of that perfect mother, with a shopping list a mile long and a very un-Christmas-like sense of impending doom.

But don’t worry, all hope is not lost. ‘Yours truly’ cried for help, shamelessly on social media and a kind and resourceful Momtrepreneur who sails the same ship in her personal life heard her and decided to save her.

Too dramatic? Ok, let me explain…

So, a few days back, I was panicking on my Insta-Story (Yes! I am silly like that.) and I tagged this fabulous online shopping store, named Kidore and asked them if they have a last-minute shopping option for a last-minute shopper like me.

The next day itself, the owner of the store, declared that she would help me and now, Kidore offers, within 24 hours delivery of Toys, Puzzles, Stationery and even cute little bags and such 300 items for us Moms to choose for our kids.

Life is good. Again!

Last minute christmas shopping at Kidore and tips
There is hope for the last-minute mom shoppers like us

Because I am imperfect but nice, and I totally understand the last-minute panic of a last-minute buyer. Here are some fabulous last-minute shopping tips.


  1. Make a List
    … and check it twice. Who do you actually need to buy for, What is the age of the recipient? How many gifts do you need? When will you actually give those gifts? Before or after Christmas? How much time do you have? Always buy a gift or two extra!!


  1. Shop Online

Shopping online is the best way to achieve stress-free Christmas shopping. It’s by far the easiest way to avoid the crowds, and you can get all of your gifts sorted without leaving the comfort of your sofa! It’s also the easiest way to stick to a budget as you can compare prices, take advantage of deals, use voucher codes, and have everything delivered straight to your doorstep.

  1. Check if 24 hours Delivery is an Option?
    Because you do not want to Wait & Watch And let’s face it, you have run out of time to procrastinate. So, find an online shop that delivers quality gifts in record time and then let’s go click, click click..


Be Smug
If you followed all my tips above, you will find all your gifts from the list, order them from the comfort of your home and you will receive the delivery of hand-picked, expert-approved, gifts for your kids and other kids and earn way lot of brownie points and good karma. “You smashed it, bae. Last minute or not, you must feel proud of yourself. And now it’s officially time to flash that smug smile.

I practiced what I preached and ordered my gifts from I enjoyed my last-minute shopping at Kidore. Here are some of the items that I really liked, and they are all available for delivery to your footsteps within 24 hours. I also found a lot of Tic Tac Toe board games on the list. Remember, I reviewed their board game for you a few months back? You can read it here.

Squishy Santa Toy
Spot the Dots Board Game
Farm Activity Box
Cotton Bag for Toddlers
Magnetic ball, trace game
Misty Water Bottle
Peek-a-boo board game
Create your own snow pack for kids


My shopping experience here checked all the points that I listed above. In fact, it exceeded my expectations. They even have a Santa Squad in place.You can check out some expert list drawn by renowned Mommy Blogger of the region of the products you can buy. Then find them on the 24 hours delivery list and order. What’s even more exciting is that these products are all valued under AED 100. Perfect gift, in the perfect price range, that too in perfect turnaround time.

It really saves you the time to browse for the right gift. Just take their advice, pick and choose and put in the cart.  Ta-da!

So, take a deep breath, take a big gulp of caffeine, and let’s get to work!

Start (or finish off!) your Christmas shopping at KIDORE by clicking here.


This post is part of the UAE Mom Bloggers Festive Blog Hop.

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Disclaimer: I am NOT paid to promote  I have personally performed an online transaction to buy a last-minute gift for my kid, this Christmas. To read my disclosure policy, please click here.

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  2. Wow! Great collection for festive gifts! The Farm Activity Box is perfect for my little boy 😉

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  4. […] Last-minute Shopping Ideas – Love, life & the little one […]

  5. […] Last-minute Shopping Ideas – Love, life & the little one […]

  6. I love that farm activity box!! I didn’t know something like that existed!!

  7. I always make the error of never making a real list. I keep it running in my head. I have yet to miss someone but I have gotten too much.

  8. Tankuuu
    I lyk online shopping

  9. Thanks for these tips and items as guides. I really have to hand it to moms that are done early – it is amazing what a bit of planning and mindfulness can do to instill sanity ☺️. I’ll check out kidore 👍🏼💗 Merry Christmas!

  10. Im done, I did all of my shopping online! Now I just have to wrap it all…

  11. Nicole Anderson

    Like you, I am also running late again this year. Your tips really make sense to someone like me – shopping online is definitely the way to go when you are seriously running out of time. There should still be time to do this to get deliveries before the big day. I hadn’t heard of Kidore before so will check that out also.

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thanks so much for dropping by. Enjoy your holidays

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