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Should you download Kidlo Apps for English & Maths?

Our childhood was nothing like the childhood of our children now. They have listened to the Mozart lullaby from our smartphone to sleep. Their milestones are safely recorded in some app or the other on our phone and we go to Mr. Google to search for itsy-bitsy, small, large problems about almost anything and everything to parent as if this whole journey of our Parenthood is supported by some app or the other. Obviously, Technology is the cornerstone of our modern life and our kids get introduced to it as soon as they are born. There are all sorts of apps for preschool kids available but since I still monitor my daughter’s screen time and am very particular about the content she watches and the things she learns on the internet, I am very picky about the apps that I download on her Ipad. So, I couldn’t be happier when I first downloaded KidloLand App in the past when she was 2. And now that she is a preschooler, I am excited to present to you my experience with the Kidlo Apps for English Learning and Early Maths.

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My daughter has loved Kidloland app in the past. I had even reviewed the app here on my blog. Read here.
So, when I was invited to review Kidlo English and Kidlo Maths app for little children, I took the opportunity to do the same because of my past good experience. They also have a highly rated coding game, which I have not downloaded yet for my daughter as we are still learning basic alphabets and numbers, but soon, I will also use and review that.
My daughter is almost 4 years old now, and so she is ready to learn how to read and write English. Make small words by herself and learn basic Math, shapes through interactive games and activities on hir Ipad.
This review is honest and based on our experience. I have taken a month from the date I downloaded the app to understand it fully to review it better. I received a free subscription in exchange for my in-depth review. Of course, I sent them my collaboration policy and informed them, that I am a user of their app and I would love to review their app, albeit with honesty and it will purely be based on my observation & experience of using the app with my little one. They agreed. And so here it goes,


‘Kidlo English For Kids’ is a comprehensive English learning program for kids in Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten. With 600+ Songs, Games, Activities & Stories, it makes learning the language so much fun!
All the content in this app is based on the curriculum recommended by educators, experts, and teachers worldwide. Plus, kids can play, learn, and sing along with this app, anytime and anywhere! An ideal English learning program for your kids.

Kidlo English App

What will kids learn from this app?

1) LEARN ABCs: There are 150+ A-Z songs, games and activities to learn uppercase and lowercase letters.

2) LEARN PHONICS: Kids can learn phonics with 4 songs and 4 games for each letter. A fun section with 200+ songs and games!

3) WORD FAMILIES: Play and learn with songs on two letter sounds such as ed, ad, im, op, and others.

4) FLASHCARDS: Explore the flashcards in various categories such as vehicles, birds, shapes and more.

5) LEARN TO WRITE: Trace the uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet. Attractive graphics and animation make it so interesting to trace!

6) LEARN TO READ: There are 40+ stories for your child’s early reading. Simple, short and exciting stories for preschool kids.

DOWNLOAD IT HERE: Kidlo English App: English Learning For Kids


‘Preschool Math Games For Kids’ is a comprehensive math learning program for kids in pre-k and kindergarten. Filled with exciting games and interactive songs, it teaches the essential math concepts in the most exciting way. There are 180+ math games and activities in the app. All the content is based on the curriculum followed and recommended by experts and teachers worldwide. Kids can learn basic math concepts which will prepare them for school.

Kidlo Maths

Basic math concepts included:
1) Number Sense: Learn numbers by playing fun games such as shooting, popping, join the dots, coloring and more.
2) Geometry: Learn about basic shapes with puzzle games, matching games, and other activities.
3) Sorting & Categorizing: Learn to sort and categorize by colors, shapes, animals, birds, vehicles, fruits.
4) Counting: Count candies, balloons, eggs, fruits! Includes a fun Santa game too.
5) Comparison: Compare objects based on their properties such as long, short, big, small, heavy, light.
6) Patterns: Learn to identify different patterns with fun games and activities.
7) Addition: Simple adding games to play!

DOWNLOAD IT HERE: Math Games: Preschool Math Games For Kids

Kidlo app for kids english & maths
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One of the key highlights that I loved was that once you download the rhymes, games or stories, you can use it even without wi-fi. This app was a great savior for us, during our Easter holiday, and even when my daughter fell sick and was not allowed to play outdoors.


⦁ I like that its one-stop shop for everything a toddler and a preschooler would need for early maths education and to learn English. Its library of resources is super vast.
⦁ The animations, colors, music & brightness are very kids friendly. It’s easy to their eyes and it brings chuckles and giggles many a time. Like Kidloland even the monsters in Kidlo Apps are very cute and cuddly.
⦁ I treat it as a supplement to what she learns at school. It truly reinforces the learning they have in a more interactive digital fun way. My daughter is learning to write by tracing the alphabets and numbers and has even learned the multiples of 5 and 10 and she is not even 4 yet.
⦁ Funny animations and sounds make each experience a delight for little kids. Unlike videos and shows, which kids can only watch, Kidlo lets your kids learn through interactive gameplay. Like there is a game where they are brushing the teeth of a character, with different alphabets hanging on it like germs. My daughter loves it.
⦁ It works offline too and is available for both iOS and Android platform.

⦁ The biggest relief is that it is Always AD FREE, so you don’t get that annoying break in between that can lead your toddler to a mini meltdown
⦁ It is approved by my almost 4-year-old. It is her latest favorite app

Kidlo app for maths


⦁ I wish all the links in the app came downloaded the moment you pay for a subscription it will save a lot of time and effort. Thing is, every single game, a story that you click on, needs to be downloaded so you can use it offline, but it takes some time subject to your internet speed. That wait sometimes can distract a cheeky toddler and it also feels like cha ore for us to download the links individually.
⦁ There is an in-app music that runs continuously in the background. It is very pleasant, and my daughter loves it. Though I wish the app gave me the option to mute it sometimes. Though you can mute it by turning off the volume of your tablet/phone, that’s a bit inconvenient.


I am very impressed with these apps. Currently, I am on a free subscription, thanks to Kidlo, but once that expires, I intend to purchase the annual subscription to this app. I like it. My preschooler loves it. It is the only educational app I need on my phone, that I can share with my little one’s Ipad, and even play on my Apple TV.
I also like the ease of navigation, the edutainment factor and the fact that my daughter has really learned so much in English and Maths with the help of this app.
If you are a parent who allows your kids to have limited screen time, but also, like to spend that screen time engaging with them, playing, learning, entertaining and interacting with your little ones, then this surely is the app for you. Go for it!

So, don’t feel guilty about taking the app’s help to raise your child. Do it with a sense of balance and control. Go ahead, give your little one some screen time. But choose wisely. Use apps that will help them develop and grow and learn because that’s the only way to justify the time away from unabashed child’s play of the glorious childhood.


Hope you liked my Megz Review. I look forward to your feedback, comments, and opinions. Do read my previous review of KIDLOLAND by clicking here and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook & Instagram to stay in touch.


  1. Thanks for sharing this info. 🙂

  2. I haven’t tried downloading apps yet, as we don’t have iPad either, but it is quite interesting! I like that it’s free of Ads so you’d be assure that it doesn’t have any nasty images/videos in between the activities. Cool one right? 😉

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Yes. I am very particular about what she sees online. And ads are definitely not in the menu

  3. homeboundbuthopeful

    Glad your little one is loving the apps- it’s so important to find ways that our kid’s like to learn.

  4. we had the nursery rhyme app and my son really liked that one!

  5. Always great to get the lowdown on educational posts! Thanks for sharing!

  6. It’s so good to find apps like this that can really help kids learn. What a great way to sneak in some learning while they are having a good time too!

  7. This looks like a great app, will try with my toddler too. 🙂

  8. Sounds like a good app. I will check it out for my daughter.

  9. marjiemare

    Thanks for sharing, I feel like giving it a try.

    1. Thank you Meghna for this wonderful post. We have considered every suggestion of yours!
      @ marjiemare, Glad to hear your interest. Please do give it a go and share your feedback with us. We are so excited to hear your comments on this app. Thanks once again.

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