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Do you follow the moon, astrology, zodiac cycles, shaman beliefs? I love nature and I admire science beyond science. I believe in forces and energies that govern us, whether we believe in them or not. 
So today is the last full moon of 2016. I read, it’s the time to let go of past baggage. Shed the weight we are carrying and release the people, emotions, blocks and fears that no longer serve our purpose. 

So together with the intent of letting go of some of this clutter I have been carrying around physically and mentally, I decided to go get a haircut. 

Cutting the dead ends of my hair, for me, symbolized letting go of the weed that had grown with time. It was my way of snipping the attachments that had long dried and brittled themselves like the split ends and no matter what product I would have used or what method I would have applied to cover them, they would have persist. So I bid adieu to them. 

Now I feel lighter. I feel sexier too. My lame, limp, mane has gone and what’s left is healthy, shiny, new hair, which has some life left before they grow dry and split. 

Sometimes we have to let go, do snip snip of relationships, habits and attachments that are neither beautiful nor practical anymore. They are long dead, long beyond repair and we must let go of them gracefully. Just like the dry end of a frizzy mess of my hair 💇

I hope, as we venture into this new year 2017, we step in with our best intentions and lean self without any judgements, weight of past regrets and disappointments and feel light, happy and sexy!! 

I am on it 🤘


  1. Haneen

    Looks fabulous

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