Mission Admission 

One of the most important choice a parent of toddler faces today is the, choice of a right school for their little one. Since I live in Dubai, I luckily had the privilege of having a great selection of schools to choose from. There are many wonderful schools here, with different curriculums, be it British, IB, Indian CBSC or even French & Finnish. 

I started my search for the right school in the month of October this year to secure a place for my daughter who will be 3 next year. So I had to get her an admission now for the academic year, that will begin in September, 2017. 

You may be surprised to know, that for some of the highly rated schools in Dubai, the wait list is 2 years long, so I patiently and meticulously went for open house, school tours and registration process for almost all #outstanding rated ( khda listing) schools of Dubai. 

The school that I loved the most is a very beautiful, niche British curriculum school, which is a 10 minutes drive from our place. It’s a highly sought after school so we were really waiting with fingers crossed to get an admission there. 

Today, my little one got an offer letter from the school which is definitely one of our top picks in schools. The results from other schools that we applied to are still awaited.  But we would mostly be selecting this one, because of the teaching staff, the facilities, the ratings and definitely the vibe of the place. It’s a school where  I see my little one learning, growing, flying high and ascending. 

As a mother, I am super ecstatic, extremely proud and very emotional to see my chirpy 2 year old ace assessment and receive an early success, that she is not even aware of. How beautiful is childhood!! You do wonderful things everyday, without any planned agenda. Isn’t it? 

Today, I pray to God with folded hands to guide my baby in her life, protect her innocence and good heart and push her towards success and learnings that will define her character, potential and purpose when she grows up. 

We parents can only provide opportunities, it’s on our children to excel in it and make the most of it. 

If you are currently going through the admission process for the school admission of your little ones, I am sending you lots of good wishes and virtual hugs. I now know how it feels. 

For now, it’s Party Time!! 


  1. Sophie A

    Hi, can you confirm what school your taking about? Thanks so much.

    1. Dubai british foundation school

  2. Oh my, is this Dubai British Foundation in the Meadows??? I have heard such amazing things about it. My friends have sent their twins there and have been extremely happy since starting. The picture is their feeder school DBSJP but I know they only accept children from Year 1. I am going to Dubai British Foundation for an assessment with my little boy next month. This review has got me even more excited about going! Thank you!

    1. It\’s a wonderful school and I can\’t wait for my little one to start there. All the best for you and your little one. I am sure he will ace it.

  3. Wow, this is amazing.. Congrats!

  4. Wow a 2 year waist list, that\’s crazy.
    I\’d love to visit Dubai, one day i will.

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