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Where to get your custom made shirts in Dubai? Ask me!

It was the week of Father’s Day and because I was busy with my mommy duties, I was literally running out of time and ideas to give a unique gift to my husband on Father’s Day, because he deserves it for being such a great Father.  Now, my husband has many colognes and almost every other gadget, being a nerd that he is, what could I have given him, that was unique to his taste and personality?  And then I heard about The Bombay Shirt Company, that makes customized, bespoke, high-quality designer shirts for men and women.

Without wasting much time, I enquired about the address, and the visiting hours and took my Husband to this very sweet, small, classy and convenient store in DIFC, Dubai. We were greeted by the Store Manager and Shirt Designer, very warmly and then began the whole experience of selecting fabric, selecting designs, finalizing even the smallest details like the buttons and the font for monogrammed sleeves and collars and basically a very endearing and fascinating journey to design the shirt “ Made for you. By you”



Launched in 2012, Bombay Shirt Company is the first online custom shirt brand in India. They are on a mission to reinforce that world-class quality and products can originate in Bombay. They, however, have stores in various metros of India and also in New York, and Dubai.

Custom made shirts in Dubai
Bombay Shirt Company Store in DIFC

I highly recommend that you check out their website here because if you do not want to go the traditional way of visiting the store in person, to design your shirt, you can even design one online. It comes especially handy if you want to gift someone, a customized shirt. How awesome is that? Right?

They also have a “ Traveling Tailor concept” You can call a tailor, home to help you design your shirt and take measurements. So, if you are a very busy mama or an uber busy businessman, use this service. Though, personally, I recommend, walking into their store.

Why? Read ahead..


Since my husband and I both belong to Bombay, India we were pretty pleased to visit a brand that originates from our hometown.

My husband is a man of high taste. He mostly wears suits to work, and his wardrobe is filled with brands like Zegna, Hugo Boss, Canali and the lot. He obviously has acquired a good taste for luxurious and classy fabric and it’s not easy to impress him because of his experience in wearing well cut, impeccably designed, luxurious shirts and suits.

But I saw him, smile like a kid in a candy shop, touching the various fabrics from the swatch book. The manager was very well informed about what each fabric brings to the table and gave us some very sound advice in designing our shirts.

Oh, did I say “Our shirts”? I know, it was a Father’s Day gift, but once I entered the store, and saw the beautiful designs and fabric they had for women, I had to get one bespoke shirt made for me. Guilty!

So, my husband chooses a very formal crisp white shirt, whereas I went for a psychedelic design, cool-girl shirt that I wanted to pair with shorts, types of denim and the likes.

Custom made shirts in Dubai

Custom made shirts in Dubai

We spent good 30 minutes, going through the fabric, the designs, and the details. We finally decided on the whole look of our shirt including the different fabric which will go inside, on the collar and sleeves (Yes! You can do that!! Take that Highstreet fashion store), it was time for measurements.  A very polite assistant Tailor took our measurement.  We were told, that our designs and details will be sent back to India and within few days, our shirts will reach the stores, at which point, we will be called back for a final trial and measurement and woohoo! We can bring our personalized shirts home.


We received an email that our Shirts are ready to be tried. We took an appointment and reached the same cute Bombay Shirt Store boutique. Both my husband and I loved our shirts. It was exactly as we thought it would be, if not better. My shirt needed no adjustments. My husband’s shirt needed a bit of fixing, which was done within 10 minutes by their in-house tailor.

If you are wondering, such an exclusive experience would cost you a kidney and arms, fear not. These fabulous shirts can be bought in the range of AED 250 to AED 600. It is really cheaper than a lot of ill-fitting shirts that you might just be buying from some mall somewhere.

Here’s a picture of our unique, monogrammed sleeve. How cool. Right?

Monogrammed Shirts
Our personalized, monogrammed shirts by Bombay Shirt Company


Whether you are a professional or just someone who has a panache for good clothes and classy designs. I highly recommend the Bombay Shirt Store. Everyone deserves to have that one piece of clothing in their wardrobe, that was made just for them.

My husband and I are spoiled and are already ordering more shirts as I write this, because, why not?

Bespoke Shirts for women
Teamed up my Custom Made Shirt with Denim Shorts & Velvet Skirt

Hope you enjoyed my review of this fabulous Bespoke Shirt Store, here in Dubai. Please leave your comments and do subscribe and follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see videos from the store and more pictures and reviews of Bombay Shirt Company. Please subscribe to my website and send me an email to collaborate with me. 


Till next time…

Be you. Wear Bespoke.











  1. It’s always good to know where there are Custom Tailoring shops nearby. I am into personalized clothing too. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Glad you liked it

  2. Custom made is such a nice thought .. to have your own designed cloth. Your shirt looks lovely. Will b visiting dem soon.

    1. Love Life And The Little One


  3. How cool to have a unique piece of clothing tailored just for you! It’s gorgeous!

  4. helenevlacho

    That’s a great idea! And your shirts look so cool and stylish! Having great customer service is a plus as well!

  5. Hannah

    I love the look of the shirts. If I ever come to Dubai I’ll definitely check this place out. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jasmin

    That makes any shirt so unique! Such a great business idea 🙂

  7. This sounds like such a unique gift idea – I love it! Glad you got to treat yourself to one too! 🙂

  8. These shirts are so cool! I love that something like this exists in Dubai. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Girl that shirt looks fierce and I bet it’s one-of-a-kind – and I love that kind of stuff. Yaaas mama.
    Katja xxx

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