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New Year Eve – Too much Pressure! 

Whatchoo doin for the New Year’s  Eve?? “This has become the life & death question for us all at the moment, right? 

It’s like, everyone no matter how happy, or sad, how rich or poor, how busy or free, must have a plan on the eve of New Year’s  or their life doesn’t count. 

Some people have planned three months in advance while a lot of them are running like headless chickens to any event, party, or holiday they can find and afford. 

What’s the pressure I ask? What’s the dire need to party in a dark, sweaty, overcrowded event or pub, pay for mass produced overrated food and pay for extremely diluted and over priced alcohol? 

Why get out of your house, get stuck in lame traffic, stay on the road with retards who drink and drive, and go to some place where DJ will play pre recorded tracks and you will get free welcome drink for the price you would pay that can buy the whole bottle of champagne.

Why do you think, even the people who closely examine each apple while grocery shopping gets ready to pay non sensical price for Apple juice at a bar on 31st December night? What changes in an otherwise responsible, rational human being? 

I think it’s pressure. Too much pressure!!

– Peer pressure 

– Pressure of missing out on fun while everyone else might be having it 

– Pressure of Facebook check-in into a cool club that will on someway show your status 

– Pressure of New Year’s Eve photo album on social media 

– Pressure of showing your better half, how badly you want to party with them before the year ends and kiss them drunk when the countdown begins 

– Pressure of starting the New Year in high spirits, like literally!

– Pressure of hoping life will change for good this year because lets face it, 2016 was pretty Fk’all 

– Pressure of being cool on a cold winter night

– Pressure to fit-in as per the prescribed protocol of a New Year’s  Eve. Only losers stay at home remember? 

I personally don’t subscribe to this nonsense. I am known for my flamboyance and I do love to party when I feel like, but I don’t feel pressured to party because it’s New Year’s  Eve or Valentine’s Day. 

I would rather bring in the new year with my loved ones, around me, talking a dozen, watching a nice movie, sipping some wine or kicking their ass in some board game and watch fireworks from my window when the clock strikes 12 ( that is if I am awake by then 😬). May be I am a bore, or lazy or uncool or just plain home bird, but I refuse to act under pressure.

I totally respect the wish to party. I even respect the mood to bring in the New Year wearing great clothes at a great place with great crowd, but I am just saying that your evening will be as special even without the frills and the drill. 

May we all have a great time this New Year’s  Eve with or without a great holiday destination or a party Invite. 

No pressure!


  1. I hope you got what you wanted for NYE.
    I think there is too much pressure as well. This year whenever someone asked me what I was doing I said nothing. And you know what? We didn\’t do anything.
    My partner and I sat and watched a movie and popped some bubbly at midnight. It was perfect.

    1. Awesome.. My husband and I have celebrated last 2 new years the same way.

  2. Robin Rue

    We usually stay in for New Years. I much prefer it that way and spending it with the kids.

  3. Happy New Year to you!!! What did you end up doing?
    My husband works third shift and had to work all night, so my pregnant self stayed home and watched movies with my 21 month old. Twas a good was to bring in the new year <3

    1. Happy New Year!!
      So I stayed home with my husband & Little one. My parents and close friends came over and we spent the night playing dance off, boxing & tennis on the Xbox – kinect 😂. Super fun with little ones dancing around between our legs 💃

  4. We decided to stay home this new years. We kicked back with rum and cokes and wrote some blogs.

  5. There really is so much pressure during the holiday season, especially on New Year\’s!

    1. My friends are still calling me.

  6. I normally stay in and fall asleep before midnight haha

  7. Elizabeth O.

    I think the pressure is there when you\’re young. When you\’re a little older for parties, there\’s really no need to stress yourself out. It\’s fun when you have plans but it\’s also nice to stay at home as you welcome the New Year. Stop putting too much pressure on yourself about celebrating the New Year. And don\’t forget to have fun in your own way!

  8. LOL, I\’m with you and Danny Glover…I\’m too old for this sh*t.

  9. This is so true but my friends don\’t listen to my complaints that I would rather stay at home so they are forcing me to party lol!

    1. I am going through the same. My friends think I have lost it

  10. Hahaha it\’s funny because it\’s true… still making my plans and it\’s two days away…


  11. Well I\’m just hanging out with my kids for New Years, I love it!

    1. Best new year kiss!!! Kisses and cuddles from your little one

  12. Indeed. Having kids makes it even more difficult. Especially with a baby that doesn\’t sleep through and will only fall asleep with mommy.

    1. My child is 2 years old, and she still needs me at night. Don\’t have the heart to leave her and go party. Would rather host a cosy dinner at home

      1. Same here and my eldest is 5.

  13. New Year\’s celebration parties are usually so overcrowded that I stat at home and just celebrate with family.

    1. Isn\’t it great? I love it too.

  14. Amber

    Oh yes, there is pressure! I\’m not going to a party on New Years, but I do plan on watching some movies. I\’m an introvert so I\’d rather stay in.

  15. No pressure for holidays for us. We try to keep things laid back for all of them. We are just going to play games a friends house.

  16. These memes are hilarious! I\’ve heard so many people mention how they don\’t have an outfit for the holiday. I\’m going with the same dress I wore a few years back.

  17. You\’ve got the same philosophy that I have. If I feel like a party and know of one happening, I might pop in for a while, but for me, holidays are about family, and my family includes my kids. I like staying in with them and ringing in the New year together, and if that\’s too simple for some, so be it. It works fine for me.

    1. Thanks. Yup, I am doing a game night at home. My parents are visiting us too. Sounds fun, right?

  18. I never go to parties haha. Maybe I should!

    1. Yes, we must. What are we missing out on?

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