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16 things I am saying goodbye to with 2016

” Let it go” from Frozen playing on repeat in my little one’s playroom, and I sit and write this list. 

Every year by the end of December, I get into this very profound ” thinking man” pose and try and remember and analyse the year gone by. It’s a standard practice, I don’t know when and where it started. So this year, I plan to end this year by lifting some weight from my shoulder and letting go of a few things too. 

Here’s my list. Take a look : 

1. Excess Weight : I have lost 3 kgs this year. I have gained way more strength and happiness in the process. Definitely not taking excess body weight with me to the new year.

2. My last home: This year we left our home for the last 4 years in Muscat, Oman and moved to the city of gold, Dubai. Life is on high speed now, living in a high rise. Bye bye to the calm cosyness of living in Oman. You will always be my happy days. 

3. Items I don’t need anymore : The shift helped me forcibly declutter my life. We let go of lots of clothes, stuff, gadgets & what not. And till the very last year of the day, I am still removing stuff from my home I don’t need. 

4. Mommy guilt: This year, I finally stepped out with my girlfriend, and had a drink in a pub, at night. I felt free. I felt young. And even though I was away from my baby for 4 hours that night, I didn’t let mommy guilt seep in. I plan to let go of mommy guilt for good. Let’s see! 

5. Need to control: This is an ongoing battle for me. Surrendering doesn’t come easy to me, and controlling takes a lot of energy. I am trying to say Good bye to it big time. Plan is to focus on the efforts and leaving the outcome to the universe. 

6. Excuses to not party : My last post spoke volume about my need to no party on New Years Eve. But I hope to be more social next year. No more excuses. 

7. Putting myself third : First comes the baby, then my husband, and then me. I plan to let this go too. Making myself and my dreams a reality will definitely a priority in the coming year. 

8. Negative people : Bye bye negative people. There’s the door and you can walk yourself out of my life now. 

9. Competition :” Her tummy is tighter than mine.” “He is doing 2 vacations in a year and I even have to plan before grocery shopping. ” Phew! No more comparisons. Too taxing 

10. Procrastination : ” I will read about wordpress tomorrow “,” Will clean my cupboard next weekend “. No. Really don’t want to take this lethargy with me to 2017 

11. Dreams on hold : I am planning to start writing my book in 2017. It has been a dream for far too long. Wish me luck.

12. FOMO: Fear of Missing Out. Definitely doesn’t need space in my already cluttered brain. With a terrible twos baby, I can do without additional pressure of missing out. Good luck to you and your fabulous life, people on instagram. 

13. Need to fit in : No, I don’t enjoy most mommy talks, Cribbing about mother in law is not my speciality and I definitely don’t care which brand has what sake going on. I am no more trying to fit in. 

14. Regrets : This is an easy one. I don’t regret most of the stuff that lies in my past. I only regret hurting people I care. I will try to hurt them less so I don’t have to regret it later. Smart right? 

15. Laziness : This was my pet peeve of 2016. I was really very lazy. Almost always day dreaming my chores rather than actually doing it. This has to change, so help me God.

16. Need to be liked : “It’s not your job to like me. It’s my job to like me.” Read this somewhere. Makes life so easy isn’t? This will be tough to implement, since a lot of my writing these days gets clouded by the expectation to be liked. I so hope, I never lose my honesty and authenticity in the process to be liked and appreciated. So I will consciously try, for sure. 

This is my list. This is not a post to preach you or advice. But do tell, what are the things you would like to say Good bye to as the year comes to an end. 

And I will raise my glass here and say, ” So be it” to you. 

Now that you have read my article, please do leave a comment. That will be my Reward.