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My Body, My Rules.

Ever heard a new mom rant about sleepless nights, sore boobs and not losing pregnancy weight in one sentence? I have heard it a zillion times. Who am I kidding, I have even cribbed so myself..

Imagine the world we live in. Fad dictates what we eat, Marketing dictates what we buy, celebrities dictates what we weigh and stylists dictates what we wear. 

We are so in pursuit of youth and the perception of youth that right from 18 to 80 people wear the same trend, try and speak the same lingo and try hard to fit in and ” be cool”

The need to be loved and accepted and flaunt is at an all time high while the self esteem is at an all time low. 

If the magazine & influencers says, ” Choker” is in, every second girl can be seen roaming around with a black belt around her neck.. Fancy right? 

Let’s love our true self, those stretch marks, those wrinkles and scars. Let’s wear what we like not what is “in”. Let’s celebrate our uniqueness, our random arbidness, our mismatch sense of fashion and our fatty thighs. 

Ofcourse, we must eat right and eat well. By all means, walk, run, exercise. But let’s not do it for external validation. Let’s not do it in a rush to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. 

We must try to lose weight, exercise and eat right with the right intentions. Keeping the love for our body in our heart intact. 

Respect your body that helped bring your baby to this world. Marvel at the magic that it is.” When we realize what a wonderful blessing our body is, we will hopefully stop body shaming ourselves and others. 

Beauty is what pleases your soul. Look the way you like. Wear what you feel comfortable and confident in. Eat what your body asks you to feed it and work out but listen to your body. 

“Our body is a gift and how we gift wrap it should be our choice. Our style.”  


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