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5 charities in Dubai to volunteer for ‘the year of giving’

In December 2016, United Arab President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa declared 2017 as the year of giving.


It gives me immense pride to be an Expat in a country, where Giving is endorsed, promoted, respected and valued.

As a child, my mother, who is a kindred spirit, always taught me, to be kind. To use kind words, to act with kindness, to be grateful and to give whenever we can, in whatever way we can. We were always encouraged to give help, lend a hand, listen to others or if nothing, give a warm hug and a smile, because you don’t know who needs it and no matter how rich one is, receiving a kind word, an honest compliment, an act of kindness and love will always make them richer in their heart. Right?

So now that I am a mother, my first and foremost priority is to raise my little girl with kindness. To raise her with equality and to give her values that would help her make this world a notch better.

My family believes in Charity. We donate in private, we serve in private, but now that I am a lifestyle blogger, through my writing, pictures on Instagram and presence on social media, I have the privilege to touch some lives. It will be foolish to let go of an opportunity that means so much to me, and that is to help a cause that can make someone’s life better – even if in a very small, humble way.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead


UAE year of giving
2017- Year of Giving

I list for you 5 charitable organization here in Dubai, where you can volunteer, donate and support their cause and support His Highness’s vision and lend your voice to the Year of Giving.

  1. Give your time

Senses is a care home in Dubai for children and young adults with severe physical and learning difficulties. Many of them are in need of 24-hour nursing care, so volunteers are always needed and appreciated. You can register with the center online or by visiting, and you will be able to help out by playing with the children, feeding them, ironing clothes or accompanying the youngsters on a field trip. You can also sponsor a child directly by way of financial commitment.

I have visited them 3 times already, once with my little one who got to play with the kids there and found love among kids who don’t look or talk like her but are as special if not more. One of our happiest playdate ever!


  1. Give toys

Give great moments, launched during the festive period by Majid Al Futtaim group, which owns many malls in the region, Give Great Moments is a campaign to help underprivileged children through the gift of toys. Large donation boxes have been placed in malls and organizers are asking for specific toys that will be sent through charitable organizations to needy children in Egypt, Lebanon, and Oman.


3.Give a stray a home

Animal Shelters- There are plenty of passionate animal activists in Abu Dhabi and Dubai who are always looking for help with stray and abandoned animals. You can become a temporary foster care-taker or offer a permanent home – there are always furry friends who need help. Organizations include Sandy Paws, Feline Friends, Animal Action Abu Dhabi, Wags and Purrs, Sniff, and Animal Welfare Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter and Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital are always looking for people to adopt animals.

  1. Give care

Seha’s hospital Volunteer Programme- If you have ever had to spend time in a hospital, you know how precious it is to have visitors. Not everyone in the UAE has friends and family who can give up their time to visit. So why not sign up for Seha’s hospital-volunteer programme? You can raise a patient’s spirits through non-medical support by talking to them, reading them books and magazines, playing a musical instrument or teaching a new skill.

  1. Give money

This charity reaches out to the labour camps who build the beautiful cities we live in. So far Adopt-A-Camp helps 53 labour camps on a regular basis, which means improving the lives of over 57,400 men. To get involved, you can donate groceries or organize a collection. The team are interested to hear from all kinds of people who can offer their skills.


Most people attribute, giving money to the needy as the most popular form of charity. Giving is our core value as a human being. It is not about making a donation, but giving is about making a difference. And charity may truly begin at home.

As parents, it is our duty to inculcate the value of giving, compassion, love, acceptance, and charity in our children. You don’t need to set aside a special time to talk about the importance and joy of giving. Opportunities pop up all the time. Passing a homeless person on the street, for example, might be a good occasion to talk about the fact that some families don’t have enough money to pay for a place to live. Visiting an elderly or ailing relative might be the right moment to discuss how important it is to reach out to people in need.

As with everything else in life, kids learn best by example. You don’t have to regale your child with tales of your charitable works. But you can tell them about the importance of sharing and how you give, how grateful you are and how other people in this world need support, care, love and money that you can share with them. This way you will pass on your respect for the cause—whether you’re passionate about supporting the animals, cleaning up the environment, assisting the elderly, or helping to alleviate poverty and homelessness to your kids.

Although some parents may worry about exposing young children to painful experiences, Research shows, “Kids can handle so much more than we give them credit for.”

Let’s learn to give as much as we wish to receive. Let’s share our joy with the world, but let’s also act to reduce the pain and sorrow of someone who is suffering. Let us build a world, we would like our children to live in. Let us teach ourselves to give because nothing gives you more joy than seeing that your little act of kindness has the power to make this world a better place. Butterfly Effect!

To find more charities of your choice in the UAE, you can click here & here. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook & Instagram and do read my collaboration guidelines to work with me.



  1. thank you for this list! we all need a reminder now and then and I think writing down exactly how one can contribute makes it that much easier!

  2. Shea

    What is a terrific list, you have given me loads to think about. We recently went on a family holiday to Africa and before we left our two children sorted through their rooms and we ended up with a whole suitcase full of toys and clothes to take as donations. Volunteering our time is perhaps the next step to introduce…

  3. Great post. Where I live we’ve been going through a lot of bad weather and people have lost everything so my family have donated things that are in need.

  4. Fab post Meghana! Yes totally agree, charity is joy! There is so much joy in giving!

  5. a BEAUTIFUL LIST ,congratulations of being so thoughtful and having a warm heart <3

  6. I think it’s wonderful that you are spreading love like this especially now with all the terrible things going on in the world. You have a beautiful heart

  7. I LOVE this! Last year my new years resolution was to be more charitable. I haven’t volunteered as much as I would have liked, but there is still time!

  8. Julie Syl

    What a great list and cause. This is such a nice idea for helping people who needs.

  9. Great list – I love how you’re using your position of influence to share this! I want to start volunteering my time with a charity here and I’ve been trying to find the perfect one!

  10. What a lovely article. Not many people blog about charities so this gives me a bit of faith in humanity. Super refreshing to read.

  11. That’s very inspiring thought that you decided to help such organization with your blogging skills.I will definitely refer to this list and share with others to make contribution. Glad that you wrote about these charity organizations 🙂

  12. shannon

    a wonderful list of good causes here. Good on your for spreading the word.

  13. I love that th president declared it. Your list is perfect because some people only think of giving as monetary and it’s not. I volunteer with my family and encourge my kids as well.

  14. I think when people think of giving to charity more often than not they think of giving money. It’s a nice reminder that sometimes there are other ways we can help

  15. Some great ideas on giving in the UAE and of course it’s good to give year round too. I especially love the street animals idea, since where I’m from it’s a real problem especially. Though to note, probably “labour camp” isn’t the best term, but better “worker’s housing”.

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      I understand and I know the term, but in UAE , the workers housing is called a Labour camp and hence the usage. Worker housing instead means skilled workers housing here.?

  16. I love your compassion and dedication to the society, and helping others. really shows.

  17. What a wonderful and heartwarming post! Its an incredible thing to do; giving up your time to volunteer and help others

  18. This is a great list. I have been teaching my boys to donate toys n old clothes, but you are right – giving our time n care is also important.

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