Love Life & the Little-one receives Blogger recognition award
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April is a month when I invariably get swinging between the cocktails of emotions. Excitement because it’s my birthday month, Anxiety because I will have to remember my new age and introspection because it’s time to ponder on the year gone by and make affirmations for the year to come. One such, April morning, when I checked my phone, rubbing my still sleepy eyes, I couldn’t believe what hit me. I saw a post by Stephanie of BlendedLifeHappyWife. I couldn’t believe it for a good two minutes that she even reads my blog enough to nominate for BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD. I said to myself, “Dude, now you can call yourself a blogger”

Love, Life & the little-one receives the Blogger Recognition Award
The Blogger Recognition Award
I am still smiling as I write this.  Dear Stephanie, if you are reading this, please accept my heartfelt thanks for acknowledging me and my efforts in this universe full of some amazing and some not so amazing bloggers. It feels extremely encouraging when a fellow blogger, appreciates you, admires your work and doesn’t shy away from recognizing you. You my dear are a fabulous lady and it shows in your writing, your perspective and your blog and I wish you all the success and happiness in all that you are yet to achieve.

Do check out Stephanie’s blog, called Blendedlifehappywife, here and spread the love.


With the glory comes responsibility.


So, here’s what I am supposed to do. If you are a blogger, read on. And if you are not a blogger, you must be a very kind hearted person or my relative or my friend or may be even my fan to read about me being recognized by the BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD, so please continue to be this awesome.

How My Blog Started

It was a week before my little one turned 1. In the last 12 months of my life, I had only strived to keep another human alive by loving her, caring for her, feeding her, changing her diapers and living for her. My first anniversary as a mother and her first anniversary as a human called for something more than just a massive birthday party or fancy holiday, I wanted to do something more than money can buy. I had been writing journal almost every day. I had had a private blog for my eyes only before I even got married and blogging was a new thing on the internet, so I decided to create a blog on Facebook, to pour my mommy heart out and connect with other like-minded moms over the internet sharing stories and passing the downtime together virtually. On the first day of launching the blog itself, I got 100 followers. This was something, I had not even imagined coming even in a year’s time. My blog saw a name change, a website of its own and a total following of about 5k pair of eyes through social media. Now, I guest blog for other websites. I review products and services. I am a lifestyle blogger and I write about motherhood, self-improvement, relationship beauty & wellness but I take more pride in featuring other great mothers out there whose stories should be told and other bloggers out there whose words should be read everywhere.

The Blogger Recognition Award to Love, Life & the littleone.
Hello there! Meet the blogger


The Two Pieces of Advice I Would Give to New Bloggers are:


  1. Know why you blog: Is it to make money? To tell stories? To connect to other people? To get famous? To beat loneliness? Or to practice your writing skills. Figure out what this is. Is it a hobby, vocation, passion or just a let-out of feelings through words? Do this, because that will determine what you want from it. Knowing why you do it, will give you the picture of what you want, and then you will just have to discover the road to reach there.
  2. Connect. Respect: Read the blogs of other people in your niche. So, if you aspire to be a fashion blogger, read and follow other fashion blogger. Observe their work, their writing, their feed, their hashtags. Try and engage with them, connect with them, you never know if some of them might hold your hands and mentor you or shout out for you to help you get more traffic, and respect other bloggers. Respect their views. Respect even if their opinion doesn’t match yours. Respect the fraternity because you are now part of it. Community is over competition, any day.


Now it’s my turn to recognize and send my love to the Following Bloggers and Their Blogs for the Blogger Recognition Award. These are the bloggers I found through blog support groups, Instagram, Facebook and even by stalking few hashtags. But they stayed in my memory and I visit their blogs often to read their articles, like and share them and to get inspired. If you are reading this, please go to their blog and drop in to say Hi.

1. Inez Bayardo of Fortheloveofmom

2. Belle of Oneawesomemomma

3. Melanie from clementinecounty

4.Harshika from Onlyonewaytofindout

5. Stacy from Taylor411

6. Jasmine Jonas from JasmineJonasblog

7. Jennifer Vara from Mombreak 

8. Jalisa from Thriftyhautemom

9. Toni Graham from Foryouson

10. Stephanie from Sweetbabybrie

11. Lauren Aeus from TheBeautyMajlis

12. Tracy of Frugalfloridamom

13. Archie from Presentfullmama

14. Maria from Thebloggermommie

15. Verushka from Spicegoddess

So, it’s time to pass on the baton to these fabulous bloggers I listed above. After you see your name listed here with your blog, smile – pat yourself on the back, send me a virtual hug and do the following please:

Rules of participating in Blogger Recognition Award

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Write a post to show your award
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.


Thank you Blendedlifehappywife, once again and cheers to you 15 for being the next in line of the BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD


Stay Awesome. Keep Blogging.




  1. Debrah McCabe

    I’m long past being a ‘mommy’ but I still found your blog immensely interesting and I’m not surprised you got a Blogger award. Good work!

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Oh Thank you. So grateful for your kind words. Big smiles!

  2. […] Hope you had as much fun reading my answers as I had to answer them. Don’t forget to read my bit on the other award I received some time back, called the Blogger Recognition Award here! […]

  3. Congrats! I just have to say I really love the way you write, your blog is written in a way that makes me want to soak in more. Loved it.

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thank you so much Audria. If you like my blog, do join me on my Facebook Page. I do Facebook live often just to interact live with my tribe. Would love to hangout with you too.

  4. Congrats Mama! And some seriously awesome advice! Knowing your blog is key. Otherwise it will get lost! Keep up the great work 🙂

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thank you

  5. Congrats Mama! What a lovely journey you have had.

    I love your two tips, sometimes I find myself needing to recenter myself in why I’m blogging and remember what my reasons are.

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thank you

  6. What a great opportunity. To shine AND to shine on others. I love to read blogs and be inspired by the work of others. I am a quiet blogger lurking in the shadows and I appreciate your advice to figure out why you are blogging. I am blogging to fill a void since my kids became adults AND to share my knowledge. I am not a self promoter and do not like the light. But your work needs to have this light shined on it!

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thank you. You are very kind. Whatever the reasons may be, keep blogging

  7. kayla8642

    Great blogging tips! I love hearing stories of how people got into blog and where they plan on heading! Congrats on your recognition award! 🙂

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thank you

  8. Absolutely on point with the advice there mommy!
    And congrats! Well deserved! 🙂

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thank you

  9. madrediem

    How nice and exciting that must have have been to get nominated. I’m only a month and half into this blogging thing but I’m really enjoying it and hope to continue for a long time. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      It’s my happy place too. All the best to you.

  10. Congratulations. Thank you for sharing your passion. You deserve such award. 💝💝💝

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Aww.. Thank you

  11. Mellissa

    Keep up the good work! Congratulations! It’s nice to be recognized by fellow bloggers – we all understand how much work this is. 🙂

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thank you

  12. Congrats on the recognition. It is a great honor. Nice sharing of your blogging experience.


    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thank you Lorna

  13. Yay! Congrats on the Blogger Recognition Award! That’s so awesome how quickly you got a following, and I love the advice. I definitely agree that community and connections are what make bloggers successful. Throw that competition out the window, and focus on the ‘why’ and the friends you make. Look forward to reading more!

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Yes, I have been lucky to find a like-minded tribe. And since my reason of blogging was to empower myself emotionally and connect with other women, I am glad I am achieving that more and more on a daily basis.

  14. I love the way you write, such great work. You definitely deserve this award. Your tips are great, and awesome advice for someone new like me. Thanks so much for nominating me and sending aroha (love) my way. Things like this pick you up and let you know your doing something right! Keep up the great work Mama!

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Your vibes attract your tribe. We connect because of mutual love, kindness and appreciation. That’s all. All the best Toni.

  15. Oh wow how awesome! I have never heard of this before but I think it’s great that people are being recognized for their hard work. Blogging is no easy feat…it’s nice to be recognized and acknowledged for all your efforts! Congrats to you my dear!

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thank you. It was a very welcome surprise to me too!

  16. This is great! I love reading other bloggers stories. Congrats on your blogging award.

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thank you

  17. Blogging is hard work. Great job, you deserve the recognition! Keep at it and you will accomplish great things.

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thank you

  18. Wahoo! That’s wonderful news. Go you!!! I found this post so encouraging as a newbie blogger. Thanks.

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thank you

  19. I love your blog and you definitely deserve this award. You are amazing and I’m glad I’ve connected with you through blogging. Thanks so much for nominating me. Your the best!

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      It’s mutual hun. I admire you and your blog too

  20. Naghma Shaikh

    Congratulations 🎈🎊🎉. So happy for you.

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Thanks. Hugs.

  21. Stephenie - Blended Life Happy Wife

    Thank you for you kind comments. Of course I’m reading this lol. I love your blog. Keep up the wonderful work.

    1. Love Life And The Little One

      Hahaha.. Thank you

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