My Geeky Toddler 

It has been a couple of very exhausting days lately. Little one was down with fever, I wasn’t well myself and that’s the worst possible combination for the mental health of people around us. 😂

Anyway, my Mom turned a year more wonderful yesterday so we finally pushed ourselves out of the house to go grab some lovely dinner. Trust me, it was the first time in this whole week when I wore my kohl and lipstick and wore clothes other than my pajamas and shorts. If you are anything like me, it’s a big deal!! No matter what goes on in my life, I wear kajal & lipstick. Period. 

So, we took the little one to The Toy Store ME. It’s one of our favorite store. I must mention that she made me very proud yesterday. She ran to the babyannebella toys section first. Oohed and aahed and gushed there for sometime and then quickly rushed to the lego table. She is only 2 so we haven’t yet bought her Legos (small parts scare). Madam spent quite a few minutes building things and explaining them to me. Then her Daddy walked in and asked her what she wants. Little one ran to the starwars section and picked a bb-8 toy. I almost fainted when she announced I want ” bb-8″. I honestly had no idea that she knows what it’s called. 

I looked at her and I looked at my husband who was melting like an ice cream in the sun. I really haven’t seen my husband this proud ever. “A geek child is a nerd man’s biggest dream”. Dear Daddy bought her that rather expensive BB-8 toy in a jiffy. 

I have casually heard people telling my husband, you should try for a boy to inherit all your gadgets and geekiness. I guess this little story shuts them off. We were raising a child. Yes, she is a girl but her choice of dresses or toys or interests have nothing to do with her sex. And I think we are nailing it. 

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