Yummy Mummy Series-Harshika Daryanani

Yummy Mummy is a diva. She is a woman of substance. She is a fabulous,fun and feisty mother.  She has the same shit or more going on in her life, like anybody else, but she is not a victim, not a cry-baby not even a sore loser. She goes on, making it look effortless.

She is a cocktail of sass, style & sentiments. She could be your Mom, your grand-mom, your boss, your neighbor, the lady in the front row at your yoga class or the woman you couldn’t stop ogling at in a shopping mall.

She balances her toddler, her bag, her high heels, and bouncy curls with panache. Her style is not dictated by trends, or the price tags of things she adorn herself with, her style comes from her being. It’s who she is, and it’s what she is unabashedly telling the world.

I am so proud to present to you, my first #yummymummy of this series. Her name is Harshika Daryanani. Harshika is a mother of a 11 year old talented little man, Jahaan. She is a published author and a very renowned and experienced blogger here in Dubai.

She calls herself an ” Unmumsy Mom”. In her words she says, ” I always have been one of those can easily detach. So I am the self-proclaimed “Unmumsy mum”. Having said that – My son always tells me that I do know him better than he does himself.”


This picture was taken at a family event recently and she was so kind enough to share the look with us.

Here’s the breakdown of this look:

Makeup : All Mac cosmetics. She is wearing designer  Manish Malhotra’s flair skirt and crop top bought from Aza Fashions.  Her Shoes are from Prada and her watch is a Rolex. She is wearing an Eternity ring from Tiffany

Yes, I know she is gorgeous, she know she is gorgeous and now, you know it too. I interviewed her for this series and here are her answers. Check it out!

  1. What was the last compliment you received?  By some anonymous moms that I look like a model 😀
  1. What per you are the “must buy” and “never buy” beauty products?

Must buy – coconut oil! Never Buy – I rarely attach a price tag to quality so it’s down to brand preference really but whatever I can afford – NO fake products!

  1. What’s your beauty regime? Any skin care tip/hack?

I am a very minimalist person, I tend to stick to the basics. I use very mild products and Dermalogica gets my vote. I use their cleaners, exfoliator (once in a week for me though it says daily because I tend to flare up with too much product) and moisturizer, though a never fail tip would be to use Coconut oil. I have survived the tropics and the arctic with this oil. But I always only buy cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil.

  1. What is your view about fitness? Are you happy with your post baby body? What is your fitness regime?

Fitness is not about fitting into a dress for me. Fitness is strength for me, being able to lift a bag to put on the overhead storage or walking up a flight of stairs without losing my breath. Yea, could be better then again, I only have my laziness to blame and not my kid for not being more regular to the gym

Harshika with her doting husband
  1. If you had to live in only 2 outfits and 1 pair of shoes for 1 full year, what would you pick?

Dresses! I rarely do jeans or pants. So has to be comfortable dresses! Shoes need to be gorgeous flat sandals.

  1. What’s your definition of a Yummy Mummy? Who is your Yummy Mummy crush?

Yummy Mummy for me is someone who gives herself time and understands the importance of health, fitness and beauty along with raising a child. I think it has to be my 45-year-old aunt. She looks HOT for any age!

  1. What per you is the biggest fashion faux pas? Do you have any embarrassing fashion faux pas story of your own?

Fashion is super personal to me. SO many times, I wish I could carry off what I see others wearing but I just can’t! some colors/styles aren’t me. So the biggest faux pas according to me would be to be to try and ape someone else. I’ve always been a “safe” person. I stick to the classics, my experiments so to speak have been in private so none too disastrous but I remember when in college Aishwarya Rai had won the Miss World and her eyes were the talk of the town. I went ahead and bought colored lens. Though many said I looked good, I think they were being polite 😀

  1. What’s your advice to expecting & new moms?

This too shall pass! The kids WILL grow up, you WILL have your life back but by then your definition of “life” might just change!

  1. Why do you like to groom yourself, stay sassy/fashionable/fit even with thousand and one chores, kids to distract you? What’s the motivation behind looking like a million bucks?

I’ve always said I dress up – for me. I like my bags and shoes and I wear them – for me. I don’t care where I go or who’s going to be there, I dress for me. Because I’m worth it 😉

One in a million

If you are already having girl crush on this fab lady, you can find more about her by following her on FacebookInstagram and her website, called Only one way to find out.

We will be celebrating this #yummymummy this whole week on my social media pages, so make sure you keep your eyes on me. I promise you, a hell lot of fun, videos and some twirls too with this diva of a mom.

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful series, where I feature a wonderful mom amidst us, who also is a goddess in disguise. If you think you are a yummy mummy, or you know someone who is, please do ping me, leave a message and tag the person who you would like to feature here.

Till then…

Stay Yummy!


  1. What a goooorgous outfit! Love this series.

    1. Just reading the comments! Thank you so much! it is one of my favorites!!

  2. I like her attitude! \”I dress for me. Because I\’m worth it.\” 🙂 This sounds like a fun series, I\’m excited to see who you feature next!

    1. Thanks.. She is feisty and fun. Yup! More fab Mums coming.. Please do follow the series 👍

    2. Thank you Mamabops! I strongly feel a happy momma raises a happy family 😉

  3. What a sweet way to make the mommies feel fabulous and recognize their fashion efforts! No athleisure and messy buns here!

    1. Hahaha.. We are all messy bun moms at some point..

  4. I absolutely loved how you described a yummy mummy \”She balances her toddler, her bag, her high heels, and bouncy curls with panache. \” And Harshika seems amazing. I am going to love this series.

  5. She is truly beautiful! So exotic and unique, yet just a normal mom like the rest of us. I love that she still dresses up, but for herself. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks, I hope she is reading it.

    2. Oh wow! Thank you so much! Exotic is something I have never thought of myself! Love it!

  6. It\’s true. We forget ourselves as moms at some point, I know one day I\’ll be back to my old self. I know this time is finite. My babes will only be small for a second more and one day they will be men. But I\’ll always have laundry!

    1. Oh yes, Yummy mummy does laundry too.

    2. One true love – Laundry!

  7. This was an inspiring interview. I love reading about a fabulous woman who also identifies as a minimalist. That shows confidence and intentionality – two things we all need more of in our lives!

    1. Wow..Nice observation & interpretation. Thanks

    2. Oh wow! Thank you, I agree with the intentionality bit, definitely the only look that works for me!

  8. I would love for the virgin coconut oil cold pressed to work for me. But sadly, I break out from using it. some people swear by it. I wish I was one of those

    1. I love it. My baby and I use it for our baby soft skin

    2. Oh dear! Maybe your skin is naturally oily! Thankfully it does me well!

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