Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for us last minute romantics in Dubai

February is special for two reasons – shortest month in the year & it’s the month that hosts Valentine’s day.

What can I write about Valentine’s day- there are many stories, historical facts, and pagan mythology that may tell us about its origin, but what we are conditioned to celebrate now, is a day dedicated to “Love”.

The canvas turns pink, the red heart floats everywhere, social media gets plastered with heavily edited pictures of couples in love, your phone beeps with marketing and promotion of valentine’s day events, shopping, concert and of course, dinner.

It’s too much pressure for singles. It’s a good laughter for non-followers and cynics, but it’s a festival of much fun, frolic and joy for us romantics.

So, since I still carry many romantic bones and a joyful heart even after 4 years of marriage and 1 child, I thought of compiling a list of some wonderful Valentine’s Day Gift for people who are like me-  In Love & Lazy!


So, here’s a last-minute reminder to save the day for my readers in Dubai. Here goes,

  1. Cherish the moment– It’s Valentine’s day. Why not freeze the love & beauty of this day with your partner, in a frame and cherish it forever?
  1. Create Memories– Things you buy come with an expiry date, but things you experience stays with you forever.
  • For my honeymoon, my husband took me to F1 circuit in India to drive a sports car. It was one of the most “fast, furious & fun “ moment for me, so I highly recommend some thrilling drive, in a fancy car on the valentine’s day with your guy. Check out the Dubai Autodrome website and make your bookings now.
  • More ways to experience love? Go Scuba diving, go on a desert safari, take a helicopter ride, or just hire a billiard room and have a good time. Check out for some amazing deals on Valentine’s day.
  • depositphotos_65617081-stock-video-couple-in-convertible-car
    Vroom Vroom on Valentines
  1. Go classic– The old-fashioned red rose bouquet, heart shaped balloons and expensive jewellery never ever gets old in showing that you love.
  • I recently spotted this wonderful Flower Arrangement & delivery service called in Dubai. Check out their Instagram page and give them the work to impress your valentine with their craft. I am sure your love will bloom.
  • Walk in to Dubai Mall, find Tiffany or just roam around in the souq and buy your loved one some amazing piece of jewellery. No woman can-not like this gesture and for men, well, there are many luxurious cuff-links and bracelets out there to choose and splurge on
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Disclaimer :My list above is just something that I personally saw, liked and recommend. I am not in any way gaining anything from the vendors I have mentioned. I have seen their work, and I like them solely on the merit of their product and service. I hope I get some goodies from them next year on Valentine’s though

Now, that the disclaimer has been written, let me tell you about what I am planning to give my husband on Valentine’s Day.

This is a very real possibility!!

My husband loves the small things. He believes in giving gifts without occasions and not waiting for the weekends to have a statement outing. My husband appreciates gift-giving and public display of affection on Valentine’s Day but never participates in it. Since he knows, I am a romantic and I enjoy the fuss about Valentine’s day, he diligently buys me a gift. Every year, at the beginning of February itself . This is what I got this year !

If you love Perfume, this will be a very royal choice. My day, month & year ahead will be smelling of love for sure!

I hope you like my 2 cents on what you can do to make your V Day special.  And I hope that the love you feel on 14th February, lasts you every day , of your lifetime.

Now that will be romantic. Isn’t it?

Hubby & Me


  1. These are great ideas! We\’re still working on trying to find a sitter 😭 I like the sports car idea. Sounds fun!

    1. Hope you get a babysitter to enjoy your Valentine\’s day

  2. I\’m actually excited for valentines day because I get to eat cake and chocolates! I love the experience suggestions. memories last more than things and when you are old, you can still have the memories to tide you over.

    1. Hahaha.. Yes, guiltless chocolate & cake time!!

  3. Michelle from The Best Home Life

    Love all your ideas. Great special date night inspiration for a romantic evening.💚

  4. Becca Day

    Fantastic ideas 🙂 I don\’t live in Dubai but I\’ve been there many, many times and I am IN LOVE with the mall!

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